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Libertarian Party Grows In Nebraska

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May 2010: (not listed)

May 2012: 2,054 (0.18 percent of all registered voters)

May 2014: 5,034 (0.44 percent)

May 2016: 7,414 (0.64 percent)

May 2018: 13,499 (1.13 percent)

Washington Secretary of State Forces Freedom Socialist Party Candidate for U.S. Senate to Squeeze Both Words in Party Name Together

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Steve Hoffman has filed to be on the August 2018 Washington state top-two primary ballot as a candidate for U.S. Senate. Washington state law says any candidate can choose any partisan label as long as it is not obscene and is not longer than 16 characters. However, a space counts as a character. Therefore, the ballot will put “prefers FreedomSocialist Party” on the ballot instead of “Prefers Freedom Socialist Party”.
No other state controls the number of characters in a partisan label. Other states instead control the number of words. Typically three words are permitted, but sometimes five. The Freedom Socialist Party and Hoffman are considering suing to improve the label from “FreedomSocialist” to “Freedom Socialist”.

Candidate Files for U.S. House in Washington’s District 5 with “Trump Populist” as his Ballot Label

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Filing for the Washington state primary closes on Friday, May 18. So far four candidates have filed for that seat. One of them is Dave Saulibio, whose ballot label will be “Trump Populist Party”. See this story

Washington lets any candidate choose any partisan ballot label that is no more than 15 characters and is not obscene.

Gravis Marketing Poll for Indiana Secretary of State Includes Nominees of Four Parties

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Gravis Marketing has released a poll for Indiana 2018 general elections. See question eleven, in which the pollsters asked about the nominees of the Green and Libertarian Parties as well as the major party nominees. The poll shows 10% for the Libertarian and 4% for the Green.
There is no assurance that the Green Party will even be on the ballot in 2018. It is petitioning, but it has never before succeeded in getting on the Indiana ballot for statewide office. The requirement this year is 26,700 signatures. Thanks to Michael for the link.

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A3PR Exclusive: Interview with Jonathan Makeley, Prohibition Party Candidate For NY Assembly

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Yesterday I was able to catch up with Jonathan Makeley, the Prohibition Party candidate for the 146th District New York State Assembly.

Q.  Who is Jonathan Makeley and why is he running for NY State Assembly?

A.   I am from the town of Angelica, New York and live in Amherst. I am an alumnus of Alfred University. I am a historian, with a focus on 19th century American reform movements. I am town historian of Angelica New York and a graduate student at the University At Buffalo. I am writer for the Odyssey online and the Independent Political Report. And I’m generally an intellectual and activist for human improvement. I am a committee member of the Prohibition National Committee, organizer for the Prohibition Party of New York, and as of January, acting as state chairman for the Prohibition Party in New York.

Q.  Why the Prohibition Party?

A.   I don’t fit the mold of the major parties. I am a political moralist, who thinks government policy should be based in moral principle, ethical service, and advancing the public well being. The Prohibition Party was built on promoting such principles and distinguishes itself as the only party that has the moral sensibility to stand up against the harm of alcohol.

Q. The Prohibition Party is trying to reinvigorate itself with younger members who will take over the mantle and march on, will you be one of them?

A.   Yes. At 22, I’m one of the younger members, and plan on helping to move the party to greater future success. One of big things which I am working to help advance the party is the reestablishment of the state party organization in New York State. Me and other members have established the Prohibition Party of New York state group, are working to spread our message throughout New York, to recruit new members, to promote better policies in the state, and to establish a full state committee. Anyone whose interested in getting involved can email us at

Q.  As a member of the NY Assembly would you introduce legislation making it easier for third parties to participate in the political process and why?

A.  Third parties are important part of our political system, which help to advance our politics beyond the limitations of the two major parties and allow for greater freedom of political activism. The state should work to establish a fairer system. Currently, the required number of signatures for an independent candidate or candidate of a party which doesn’t have state party recognition is often significantly larger than ones for candidates for state recognized parties. For instance, the independent nominating petition for state legislature is 3 times that of a Democratic or Republican candidate’ petition to ballot. This should be changed to a more equal and accessible standard. Then there is also the fact that the only way for a political party to gain the status of state recognition is to get a candidate on ballot for governor and get at least 50,000 votes. At which point the party gains state recognition for next 4 years. The state should create an addition alternative way for allowing minor parties to get state ballot access. Such as, perhaps that if the party can get enough voters to register with the party, or do what Vermont does, where there is a system for parties to organize at the town and county level, and after a certain number of local organizations are established, then a party can apply for state recognition.

Q.  What can you do that Ray Walters can't?

A.   Well I can say that I stand for promoting good government for the people, based in moral principle, ethical public service, and advancing the public welfare.

Ray Walters has on rather consistently voted in support of bills which weaken state restrictions and promote the growth of the alcohol industry. I don’t know whether he does so because he’s unaware of the negative effects of these policies, because he’s misguided, or if he just doesn’t care that much about the public wellbeing. But what I do know is that I aware of the problem and am committed to promoting policies to increase prevention efforts, expand reform and treatment efforts, increase restrictions on the alcohol industry, and ending state support for the alcohol industry.

I support improving public health and safety, improving the quality of education, making college more affordable, undertaking fiscal reforms to lower the burden of property taxes, passing the child victims act, advancing holistic economic policies, improving ballot access laws, and establishing stronger ethics laws.

Walter’s positions may be similar in certain aspects, such as support for the child victims act. Though overall, I would contend that my platform offers a bolder agenda for principled reform.

In addition, I offer a different type of background and perspective as an academic and public historian. Whereas, Ray Walter and the Democratic candidate Karen McMahon are both lawyers.

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Jonathan Mackeley

Q.  What do you think of the job Gov. Cuomo has done and what could you do better?

A.   I think that generally Governor Cuomo has done a rather poor job as governor. I object to and disagree with Governor Cuomo on several matters. Governor Cuomo is likely the worst governor on alcohol issues that this state has ha since Herbert Lehman. He and the state legislature have severely weakened state restrictions on alcohol, have given special tax breaks to the alcohol industry, and have used state agencies and resources to promote drinking and the growth of the alcohol industry.

His administration has been riddled with corruption and unethical behavior. Just earlier this year, one of his closes advisor was convicted of taking $300,000 in bribes.

He has been weak on matters of education. The state has been systemically underfunding many of its schools, especially in upstate New York, to the tune of billions of dollars, and he has failed to undertake serious reforms to address this. Likewise, the state is in need of reforms of improve the quality of education. He misleadingly portrays his excelsior program as having established free college in New York state. While it does provide some additional funding, to some, students, at some colleges, most college students still have to struggle with significant debt. I would support a significant expansion of the state Tuition Assistance Program, and other reforms to help make college more affordable. The state should move toward a system that allows students to have a reasonable opportunity to a debt free college education at any of the states publican private non-profit colleges, universities, and vocational schools.

He has failed to adequately adress the burden of property taxes in the state, and has instead opted to scapegoat and gut the autonomy of local governments. The state forces localities to pay for about 15% of the state budget, and thus effectively forces them to raise property taxes. I support reforming the state financial system to have the state take more responsibility for paying it own expanses and thus reduce the burden of property taxes. I support ending Cuomo’s forced consolidation policies and allowing local communities to decide whether consolidating services or not is in their best interests.

Cuomo’s economic development efforts have often been rather mediocre in their effects. The state needs a more holistic approach to economic development.

Q.  Was Prohibition successful or not? Explain..

A.   A strong temperance movement and strong public policies against alcohol can do much to help people. So long as the alcohol industry is allowed to openly operate with state sanction it will continue to facilitate drinking, promote it through marketing, corrupt public officials, and produce vast harm from the effects of its products. We need to treat the problem of alcohol as an issue of public health and wellbeing, and the state needs to take the stand of siding with the public wellbeing against the alcohol industry.

As to the historical instance of national prohibition. National prohibition was successful in the sense of vastly reducing drinking, helping many people to attain a sober living, weakening the power of the alcohol traffic, reducing crime and violence fueled by alcohol consumption, and helping to provide a better quality of life and greater opportunity for many people. Though, as historian D. Leigh Colvin ha pointed out, with the unprincipled Democratic and Republican parties left running the government, national prohibition wasn’t as well enforced as it could have been. And when the remnants of the alcohol industry were able align with a rich elite, media propagandists, and corrupt government officials, they were able to undermine national prohibition and repeal it. Though it is possible for us to rebuild and restrengthen the temperance and prohibition movement over time, and one day produce a stronger and lasting national prohibition. And in the meantime, there is plenty which can be done to advance stronger policies against the alcohol industry.

Q.  Former NY Assembly speaker was just convicted of corruption again, does NY have a corruption problem and if so, how will you clean it up?

A.   Yes, there is far too much corruption within the state government. I support passing stronger state ethics laws, more oversight for state operations which involve the apportion of significant amount of money, and stronger standards for appointed state officials against conflict of interest. Though if I were elected, I would still only be one legislator. It will take the majority of legislators in order to strengthen state ethics laws, and will take the activism of many citizens in order to nudge them in the right direction. It will also involve the election of more honest and ethical public officials, which will also take the activism of many New Yorkers. I hope that my candidacy will encourage other good people to run for office and inspire more New Yorkers to get active in promoting good policies and electing ethical candidates.

Q.  As a younger person, you could bring different POV to the NY Assembly table, how does the Prohibition Party (you) appeal to the younger voters?

A.  Well I see that an increasing number of younger voters are growing tired of the political status quo and are willing to consider alternatives. The Prohibition Party can offer them a positive alternative of ethical government for the people.

As to the perspective I would offer: As a historian, I have a certain understanding of our state’s past and past efforts to help improve society, which can help to inform efforts going forward.

I am someone who grew up in a small town in western New York and have tended to involve myself in various community groups and activities. Though the Makeley family has never been wealthy, my father worked hard to ensure that his children have a decent living and have the opportunities he didn’t. I was the first member of the extended Makeley family to directly attend and graduate from a university. My live has giving me an understanding of what’s its like in the Western New York region, of people who are striving to improve their lives and those of their children, and of those who are working to build a better future for their communities.

While I myself am a lifelong teetotaler, I have seen the harm which alcohol and other drugs have done to individuals, families, and communities. And unlike so many of the current legislators who are willing to ignore the issue and take the alcohol industry’s money, I will not ignore the issue, and I will not sit idly by while the alcohol industry poisons and kills the people of New York.

My campaign offers a numbers of things, which could appear to younger votes: improving the quality of education, making college more affordable, promoting a holistic economic approach which could help improve the ability of people to make a living in New York state, working to promote better public health and safety, promoting more prosperous communities, which they could live and raise families in, and other such things which can help build a better future for New York.

Q.  How does it feel to be running for NY Assembly for the 3rd oldest political party in US history?

A.  Well it’s interesting and exciting. I am glad that I can use the opportunity to help advance the party and speak on the issues I can about. Though it also challenging. This is the first time in decades that a Prohibition Party member had run for office in New York state. I have the challenge to collect the 1,500 signatures for an independent nominating petition to try to get on ballot. While the size of the task makes we think at times, ‘what did myself into’, I intent to try do as well as I can. And in the end, if I am able to help inspire more people to get active in promoting positive policies, and if my efforts can help the Prohibition Party grow in New York, I would say that my campaign was a success.

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Makeley for Assembly FB Page
Prohibition Party Website

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Should The Constitution Party of Idaho Stay or Go?

2018 State Convention–to decide on affiliation
In 2016, the Orofino State Convention took up the question on remaining affiliated with the national Constitution Party.  It was decided to postpone the ultimate decision to the next state convention, in order to allow a cooler deliberation.
A hope, however forlorn, was that the national CP would produce some sort of indication that it cared whether CP-Idaho remained an affiliate or not.  We are now two years further along, and absolutely no evidence of a change in the estranged relations between this state political party and the national party are apparent.  If anything, it has become even more rancorous.
A personal meeting took place in Grangeville on Saturday, May 12, 2018 between CP-Idaho’s Chair, F.W. Whitley and Mr. J.R. Myers–the Western States Co-Chair for the national CP and a member of its Executive Committee.
While empathetic to Mr. Myers’ desire delay any decision by CP-Idaho’s State Convention upon continuing affiliation with the national CP, it is not within the power of the State Chair to do so.  Besides, kicking the can down the road is what’s wrong with most of America’s political parties anyhow.
No.  The 2016 State Convention charged the decision to be made in the 2018 State Convention.  It will be taken up.  It was stressed with Mr. Myers that the national CP has had long enough to demonstrate its good faith…and has not done so.  In fact, it has proven the contrary.  Thus, the national party has approximately 60 days to make its case as to why CP-Idaho should remain.
As part of the discussion with Mr. Myers, Idaho set forth a list of conditions that must be met before we can even begin to entertain further discussion with the national CP.  That list, with fifteen (15) conditions and submitted to both Mr. Myers and Mr. Scott Copeland, an at-large member of the national CP Executive Committee,  is as follows:
Idaho’s Conditions
First, no more surprise presidential candidates who wait until the last minute to declare their candidacy on the floor of the national convention, and thereby avoid public scrutiny.  This manipulative practice shall be condemned and banned.
Second, to ensure legitimate due process in the national nomination, henceforth, each and every presidential candidate who seeks the nomination of the Constitution Party shall first declare his or her candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and report on FEC Form 1 and Form 2.
Third, every CP presidential candidate must declare their candidacy prior to the close-of-business (EST) on the second Monday of the December (odd year) which immediately precedes the November General Election (even year), and in every Presidential election thereafter. [e.g. December 9, 2019; December 11, 2023; and so on.]
Fourth, the date of the national convention must be returned to late mid-summer in a presidential election year to respect the statutory requirements and obligations of actual ballot qualified state parties.
Fifth, the national convention shall not be held prior to any state convention of any affiliated state party, with an exception being whenever a late national convention may convene after statutory candidate certification deadlines in any respective state affiliate party.
Sixth, under no circumstance shall the national convention be held prior to the state primary or state caucus of any Constitution Party ballot qualified affiliate state party. In 2020, national convention cannot occur earlier than June 2, 2020 to accommodate ballot qualified CP-South Dakota and CP-New Jersey.
Seventh, the date of national convention must incorporate the electoral duties and obligations of state ballot qualified affiliates.
Eighth, any state delegation standing on the floor of the national convention and seeking to cast national nomination ballots must first provide strict and verifiable proof that its state party held an actual statewide ballot—whether by primary ballot or by caucus ballot—via a democratic process which is in fact demanded by the national convention credentials committee.
Ninth, any state delegation standing on the floor of the national convention and seeking to cast national nomination ballots must have its verifiable primary or caucus results in evidence not later than fifteen business days prior to the national convention.  The national CP must end its shameful practice of proxy nomination.
Tenth, any state delegation standing on the floor of the national convention and seeking to cast national nomination ballots must cause its verifiable primary or caucus results to be published in not less than one paper of record within its state boundaries and not later than fifteen business days prior to national convention.
Eleventh, ethical standards are absolutely paramount; therefore, under no circumstances shall any officer, employee, communications director or any other official within the national Constitution Party make use of their office, or even to cause the appearance of having used their office, on behalf of or in favoritism to any national CP presidential candidate while the nomination remains contested prior to the national convention’s actual nomination.
Twelfth, any officer, employee, communications director or any other official within the national Constitution Party who does use their office, or appears to have used their office, in favoritism of any national CP presidential candidate prior to the national convention’s actual nomination shall be censured and removed forthwith from office upon its discovery.
Thirteenth, every national CP candidate must stand in the currently existing state presidential primaries—CP-Idaho and CP-Missouri—without exception or excuse. And stand in any subsequent CP state primary should other primaries be formed.
Fourteenth, every national CP candidate must physically participate in open public competitive debate during the standard primary and caucus season prior to the national convention nomination; and every national CP candidate must do so side-by-side on the same stage at the same time with fellow national CP presidential candidates in answer to the People.
Fifteenth, the national website shall not be used as an in-kind donation for any single candidate (declared or undeclared) unless every single candidate is afforded the same promotion.
If the above conditions are met, CP-Idaho shall consider the improved relation with the national CP as benign.  And therefore shall consider such improvement as a starting place to discuss continuance of affiliation.  
CP-Idaho believes that every one of these conditions is actionable.  Every one of these conditions can be adopted by the National Executive Committee without the necessity of a special meeting.  The authority is found in the Constitution of the Constitution Party, Article IV, as follows:  “Rules pertaining to the call and organization of the National Convention shall be adopted by the National Committee or its executive committee.”
The above fifteen conditions pertain only to the call and organization of the national convention.  They are a starting point.  CP-Idaho has other considerable concerns with the operation of the national CP which cannot be addressed or discussed until Idaho sees movement on these, which are little more than fair expectations regarding the national nomination process. 
It must be brought under the rule of lawful procedure.  CP-Idaho insists upon it.

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Moderate Party of Rhode Island Update

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You can read the entire article by Owen Heimsoth about the Moderate Party of Rhode Island at 71Republic HERE.  The Moderate Party of Rhode Island was founded in 2007 and is a centrist political party.  They state that its mission is "to recruit, support, and elect candidates that will govern by building consensus around smart, pragmatic, common-sense policies which will address the structural deficits currently plaguing Rhode Island's economic, educational, ethical and environmental systems". 

Socialist Workers Party Statement On Striking Teachers, 2018 Candidates

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Socialist Workers Party National Campaign Director John Studer released a statement on today's teachers protest in Raleigh, NC on the party's newspaper "The Militant" on May 9th:

"After three decades of retreats something new is happening in the labor movement. With courage and determination teachers are showing in practice the capacities workers have to organize united and effective action as they combat assaults on wages, deteriorating school conditions and workers’ dignity.

By using union power and building a social movement in support of their fight they have set an example to millions of workers looking for ways to say “No!” to what the capitalist rulers are doing to us.

This includes the consequences of the broader social and moral crisis of capitalist rule — from never-ending wars, to cop brutality, attacks on women’s right to abortion and spreading drug addiction.

These battles have erupted in states where Hillary Clinton slandered workers as “deplorable.” She claimed women there voted for Donald Trump because male relatives told them to. But a majority of those on strike in these states today are women. They are not waiting to be told what to do but are relying on their own capacities to build unity, reach out for solidarity and fight, inspiring workers everywhere. This is a product of the irreversible changes in the way both women and men think about women’s place in society. And it’s why the fight for women’s equality has increasing weight in politics today.

Teachers and other school workers have refused to be divided, holding out in their fights to ensure that the broadest number of workers gain from whatever they win. They’ve organized to make sure children get fed and cared for when they walk out, winning over students and parents to their fight.

Facing federal, state and local governments that care nothing for what they confront, more are coming to the conclusion that appeals by Democratic and Republican politicians that “we” Americans must sacrifice together are based on a lie. Workers face an irreconcilable fight against bosses and their political parties whose only solution to the crisis of the capitalist system today is to offload it onto our backs. Our interests are not theirs, but lie with fellow workers worldwide.

All workers have a stake in the battles waged by teachers today. Join the thousands who will march in Raleigh, North Carolina, May 16.

The Socialist Workers Party is preparing to announce its 2018 candidates — workers who have been participating in and championing these struggles. They will point to how working people will be transformed through the bigger class battles that are coming, gaining the capacity to draw all the oppressed and exploited alongside them, to overthrow the capitalist rulers and take political power into their own hands. Join our campaign!"