Saturday, January 15, 2022

New Year Voter Registration Statistics For Alaska


 Alaska Division of Elections

Voter registration statistics for Alaska are in for the New Year.  As of 1/3/2022, there are 594,439 registered voters in Alaska.

The largest group of Alaskan voters is Undeclared with (259,600).  The third largest group of voters is Nonpartisan with (81,591).  

There are currently three fully recognized, "Political Parties," in Alaska.  

The Republican Party is the second largest group of registered Alaskan voters at (144,279).  The Democratic Party is the fourth largest group of Alaskan voters at (78,660).  The Alaskan Independence Party or AIP is the fifth largest group of Alaskan voters at (18,956).  

There are also eleven recognized, "Political Groups."  





H - OWL PARTY (60)







Alaska became the first state  in the nation to approve Top-Four Ranked Choice voting on November 3, 2020.  It will be used for the first time in the Alaska Primary Election on August 16, 2022.  Candidates will run without party.  The top four vote getters will advance to the General Election on November 8, 2022.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

LNC Motion to Censure Joshua Smith

 The LNC has been presented with a motion by the Chair to censure Joshua Smith.  It will meet in a week to consider the motion:

In accordance with the Executive Committee's instruction, I hereby call a meeting of the full LNC for Monday, January 17 at 8pm Eastern to consider the censure of Joshua Smith for violation of LNC policy.

Whitney Bilyeu
LNC | Chair

The motion reportedly reads:

WHEREAS, In July 2020 At-Large Representative Joshua Smith received the privilege and honor of being re-elected to represent the National Libertarian Party as an At-Large Representative to the Libertarian National Committee, and;
WHEREAS, All staff and representatives elected to the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) are expected to adhere to the rules governing the LNC as outlined in the Libertarian National Committee Policy Manual, and;
WHEREAS, The LNC Policy Manual at outlines the procedure for handling concerns regarding staff in a professional way and was approved by the currently sitting LNC in June 2021 unanimously, and;
WHEREAS, Joshua Smith wrote an email to the LNC Business List on 12/24/2021 in which he publicly expressed concerns regarding a staff member and demanded their termination publicly prior to bringing the matter before the EPCC, Executive Committee, or the Chair and Vice Chair.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Joshua Smith is hereby censured for violating the Libertarian National Committee Policy Manual at by publicly demanding a staff member be terminated via email.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Massachusetts Party Controversy

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts (LAMA, the LPUS affiliate in Massachusetts) is facing the issue that a quarter of the members have filed for a special convention, to be held in the next month or two, to elect a new State Committee. Having written or edited a fair piece of the state association Constitution and Bylaws, it appears to me that the unhappy people have all their ducks in a row and can compel the convention to meet. The convention can indeed replace the State Committee.

The unhappy people are a mixture of Mises Caucus supporters, local candidates not supported by the State Association, and people who do not approve of the way that LAMA has conducted its affairs in recent years.

An exacerbating issue is that the State Committee passed a code of conduct and used it to expel an Association member. Apparently the expelled person used an impolite word to refer to a State Committee member.

A more serious exacerbating situation is that much of the loud opposition to the special convention, at least on Facebook, comes from a paid LNC Staff Member (who does live in the state) who is said to be acting with the blessings of the National Committee.

The long thread on the matter is at Massachusetts Libertarians on Facebook Look for Peter Everett’s parable of the stolen truck.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Life & Liberty Party Votes To Become Caucus Within Libertarian Party

Today, Sunday 12/12/21, the Life And Liberty Party held their virtual convention at 12:00 PM Mountain Time.  Four states were represented, Alaska, California, Montana and New York.  The main order of business was whether or not to remain a stand alone party, or to become the Life & Liberty Caucus within the Libertarian Party.  

Discussion centered around overall progress, and the virtual impossibility of overcoming ballot access hurdles.  It was noted that the L&LP leadership has historical ties to the Libertarian Party, with outgoing L&LP Chairman Myers having served on the Montana LP Executive Committee for several years, eventually becoming MT LP Chairman in 1984.  Outgoing L&LP Vice-Chair, Lori Stacey has assisted the LP with multiple successful ballot drives in several states over the years.  Outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, Gary Gunsher of New York said it was our best path forward.  Following discussion, a vote was taken.  

The vote was unanimous for the Life & Liberty Party to transform into the Life & Liberty Caucus within the Libertarian Party.    

Officers of the L&L Caucus were then elected.  Lori Stacey of California was elected caucus Chair.  Gary Gunsher of New York was elected caucus Vice Chair and Social Media Editor.   J.R.Myers of Montana was elected caucus Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster.  The L&L caucus will continue to have a membership with $20 annual dues, their own website and FaceBook pages.  The focus of the caucus is to implement the established Life & Liberty Party Platform within the Libertarian Party and nationwide.

Life & Liberty Caucus Platform  

Accordingly, the leadership of the Life and Liberty Caucus will officially join the Libertarian Party, and work to strengthen our platform ideals from within the Libertarian Party.  

We are encouraging our tens of thousands of supporters across the nation to do the same.  Join your local, state and national Libertarian Parties.  Help us to continue to promote the ideals of Life and Liberty by running and serving as local and statewide Libertarian Party officers and candidates for public office.

Outgoing L&LP Chairman, J.R.Myers said, "I paid my lifetime membership dues today to rejoin the Libertarian Party.  This is a positive transformation that will be good for the Libertarian Party, and will bolster the forces of Life & Liberty throughout our nation."

Monday, November 15, 2021

MT AG Leads 11 States In Fight Against Jabs For Jobs

by J.R.Myers, Chairman

Life & Liberty Party

Per a Montana Department of Justice Press Release earlier this evening:

Montana Attorney General Knudsen-leads-multi-state-lawsuit-against-biden-healthcare-worker-jab-or-job-mandate

Montana is the first and only state that guarantees citizens their right to medical privacy by forbidding employers from determining the health vaccination status of employees by statute.  

Read the lawsuit here.  

If unchecked, the unlawful federal vaccine mandates will destroy our liberties and livelihoods.  This lawsuit is how our governments should be protecting our freedoms!

Read the Motion for Preliminary Injunction here.

Montana is being joined by Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia in this lawsuit.

The Life and Liberty Party applauds Attorney General Knudsen, and supports all such efforts to restore Constitutional limitations to the federal government.  

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Life & Liberty Party Plans 2021 Virtual Convention


According to outgoing L&LP Chairman J.R.Myers, "The national Life And Liberty Party is planning on holding their 2021 Convention virtually at 4:00pm ET on Sunday 12/12/21.  All members in good standing are invited to participate.  To become a voting member only costs $20.  My term is expiring.  New officers will be elected; Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer.  This is essentially a business meeting.  The national By-laws and Platform will be reviewed, and strategies laid out for 2022 and beyond.  Please plan on attending and being an active participant!"


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Life & Liberty Party Urges Americans To Resist Tyrannical Mandates

The Life and Liberty Party is urging all Americans to resist the unlawful, "Biden vaccine mandates," in all lawful ways possible.  Under our parties' Healthcare Freedom plank adopted on June 27, 2020,

"We believe in the freedom to choose or refuse what goes into one's own body. 

Everyone shall have the right to seek alternative medicines and treatments.  

No medication intervention or treatment shall be forced against an individual's will.  IE:  forced vaccinations or specific medical treatments.  

Patients have the right to full disclosure of known risks versus benefits in order to give well-informed consent."  

There is no constitutional authority for these mandates.  Therefore, they are intrinsicly unlawful and inherently void.  We urge all Americans to stand strong together!  Do not be divided.  The true heroes are those who hold fast to their convictions in the face of tyranny!  Do not be swayed by the ceaseless propaganda.  Good doesn't require coercion.

Vigilently Yours,

J.R.Myers, Chairman

Life And Liberty Party