Friday, September 13, 2019

Darcy Richardson Ends Reform Party Bid

  1. Darcy Richardson
    This is a comment left on Independent Political Report recently.
    “For the record, I am no longer seeking the Reform Party’s presidential nomination.
    As a witty observer once noted — a close friend of mine, as it turns out — a person can only drag a corpse around for so long before the smell becomes unbearable.
    Eventually, it starts attracting flies and other necrop hilous insects.
    My running mate, former State Senator and Public Service Commission chairwoman Nancy Argenziano, a longtime environmentalist and consumer advocate, and I tried to revive the Reform Party last year during my campaign for governor here in Florida — a candidacy in which we logged thousands of miles while taking a considerable amount of abuse from both major parties because of the razor-thin outcome. 
    While we were the only third-party campaign in the country to poll the difference between our major-party opponents in a gubernatorial or U.S. Senate race in 2018 (deep-pocketed independents Oz Griebel in Connecticut and Greg Orman in Kansas also polled the difference in their gubernatorial campaigns last year), thereby forcing an automatic statewide recount, support from the national Reform Party leadership, made up of a handful of inept keyboard warriors on Facebook with little or no practical political experience, was virtually non-existent. 
    If I’m not mistaken, members of the Reform Party’s national leadership provided a total of $5 toward our $70,000 budget. That was a donation from party secretary Nicholas Hensley. The party’s rank-and-file outside of the Sunshine State contributed even less.
    I wish the Reform Party well, but it’s really time to give up the ghost.
    If folks are looking for an alternative to the increasingly corrupt, Wall Street-controlled duopoly next year, the nationally-organized Libertarian, Green and Constitution parties — not necessarily in that order — would be a good place to start. 
    Or perhaps to some new entity emerging, say, next March, a month known best for college basketball madness, but also universally recognized as “Deaf History Month.” If we’re really lucky next year, it’ll also be known as a month when the politically hard of hearing and impaired — the vast majority of the American electorate, that is — finally had the ability to hear and to listen to a message not crafted by the financial oligarchy that has controlled our politics for the past century or longer.
    The Ides of March… “

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Chafee discusses 2020 Libertarian presidential bid

Lincoln Chafee

by Ethan Hartley, Cranston Herald

A familiar face will be in the news again as the run-up to the 2020 presidential election begins to churn, as former Republican Senator, former Independent-turned-Democratic Rhode Island Governor and former Warwick mayor Lincoln Chafee is pursuing a bid – this time on the Libertarian ticket.
“The bottom line is I still do care about the direction of the country and I have some experience in getting elected to office, and this is an opportunity to continue expressing my opinions,” he said on Tuesday in a phone interview. “I still enjoy having the opportunity to make this country better for our children and our grandchildren.”
Chafee, who sought the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, further expounded upon his interest in another presidential run. He described being approached by members of the Libertarian Party after he registered as a Libertarian voter in Teton County, Wyoming, where he maintains a residence in Jackson.
Although he admitted that the interest he received from the party was “unexpected,” Chafee said that he was also “surprised” by how many of the core tenants and principles of the Libertarian he identified and agreed with – listing off a few, they include being anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-torture, pro-gay rights, pro-choice (“Let people make their own personal decisions,” he said) and being “anti-deficit.”
“Both parties are guilty of the deficit,” Chafee said of the two traditional political parties. “Another trillion dollars this year…That's Republicans and Democrats, and something has got to change.”..
To read article in full, click here.

Alabama Secretary of State Hints that If State Loses Libertarian Lawsuit on Access to Voter List, the Legislature Might Charge All Parties for the List

Ballot Access News

On September 11, the Alabama Secretary of State filed his answer in U.S. District Court in Libertarian Party of Alabama v Merrill, m.d., 2:19cv-69. This is the case in which the Libertarian Party challenges the state law that says the qualified parties get a free list of the registered voters, but unqualified parties (even those that are petitioning) must pay $34,000 for the list.
The answer contains a remark that suggests if the state loses the lawsuit, it might repeal the existing law that allows the qualified parties to get a free copy of the list. The law also lets any incumbent legislator have a free list of the voters in his or her district; presumably the legislature would not repeal that provision.

Reform Party Will Hold Presidential Convention in March or April 2020

Ballot Access News

The Reform Party plans to hold a presidential nominating convention in March or April 2020. It will probably be either in Florida or North Carolina. At least two individuals, Joseph Wendt and Darcy Richardson, are seeking the party’s nomination. Both live in Florida.

Common Sense Party Says it Already Has Over 10,000 Registered Members in California

Ballot Access News

The Common Sense Party of California is trying to become ballot-qualified. According to the party’s press release, it already has over 10,000 registered voters. It needs registration equal to .33% of the total state registration in order to qualify. If it qualifies by October 2, 2019, its members may run for Congress and legislature in the March 2020 primary with the party label on the ballot next to their names. If it doesn’t qualify by then, but it does qualify by July 6, 2020, it can place a presidential nominee on the November 2020 ballot.
The law doesn’t permit anyone to know at this time exactly how many registrations the party needs. The .33% is applied to the state registration tally as of the deadline, which of course is in the future. But in October 2019 the requirement will probably be 70,000. When the percentage is applied, voters who are listed as having “unknown” registration are excluded from the denominator. “Unknown” voters are those who were registered automatically because they have drivers licenses or state ID cards, but they have never been asked to choose a partisan affiliation.

Link to North Carolina Special U.S. House Election Results

Ballot Access News

The North Carolina State Board of Elections web page has election returns for the two U.S. House special elections held on September 10. One of them is very close; the other is an easy Republican win. Both races have minor party nominees. See here.

Monday, September 9, 2019

J.R.Myers: Alaska CP Roars Past 500!

As of the most recently available statistics from the Alaska Division of Elections on 9/3/2019, the Alaska Constitution Party, the official affiliate of the national Life & Liberty Party has, for the first time ever, exceeded 500 registered voters.  Typical growth has been about 3-4 per month. The most recent official tally gives the ACP 514 registered Alaskan voters!  This is an increase of 14 voters in a month.  This is many more than the California CP, and serves as a testimony to the love of the Constitution, Rule of Law and Life & Liberty which the people of Alaska exhibit.  Our Life & Liberty Party affiliate, the Alaska CP continues to grow, in response to our message of hope! This bodes well for 2020.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Florida Reform Party Chair Joe Wendt Announces POTUS Bid

Joe Wendt, Chairman of the Florida Reform Party, has thrown his hat in the ring for the Reform Party 2020 Nomination.  He joins Darcy Richardson and others who have, or soon will also announce.  Joe has been active in politics for many years.  He made his announcement via his FaceBook page.  

Joe Wendt September 6 at 9:16 AM,
"I have decided to enter the Presidential race and run for the Reform Party's Presidential nomination. Within the next few weeks, I will be preparing a website and an initial fundraising round to raise $3000. Help me fix our country, help me give people a choice. Vote for Joe Wendt, Vote for a brave new world."

Joe Wendt's Platform