Saturday, September 15, 2018

Andy Jacobs interviews "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver at Anarchapulco, 2/17/18

Prohibition Party Convention on November 13th

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--Press Release--

The 149 year old Prohibition Party, America's oldest third party, is holding their 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential nomination convention on November 13th via conference call. The only known candidate with their hat in the ring for the party's Presidential nomination is 2016 Vice Presidential candidate and the party Secretary Bill Bayes. Party leaders will be sending out the draft party platform to members in late October which they will be voting on at the convention also. 

The Prohibition Party has 2 members running for Office this year.  Jonathon Makeley is running for the assembly seat in the 146th district of the New York Assembly. Phil Collins is running as the Republican candidate for Treasurer of Clark County Nevada. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

GD's Political Animal: NW Ohio conservatives urge Libertarian vote

The following was originally published in GD's Political Animal. 

Northwest Ohio conservative PAC won't back DeWine for governor - Toledo Blade - Liz Skalka:

September 11, 2018 - "Instead of GOP candidate Mike DeWine, a northwest Ohio political action committee is advising conservative voters to support the Libertarian running for governor or no candidate at all for the state’s top office.

"The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition’s 2018 e-slate card, which steers voters to the most conservative candidates on the Nov. 6 ballot, suggests choosing Republicans for all statewide offices except in the race between Mr. DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray. Its advice: Pick Libertarian Travis Irvine or leave the ballot blank....

"The move is evidence that despite [his] efforts to align himself with President Trump, the most right-leaning or conservative Ohio voters may not come out in force to support Mr. DeWine. Coalition members question whether the attorney general supports their values and say he’s too closely aligned with Gov. John Kasich, who has fallen out with some in the state Republican Party....

San Francisco Chronicle: New Mexico Supreme Court rejects automated one-party voting

The following was originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — The New Mexico Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked a ballot option that would have allowed voters to select candidates from a particular party in all races by marking a single box, bolstering the retreat of straight-party voting options nationwide.
In a unanimous decision, the court found that Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver — an elected Democrat — did not have authority to reinstate straight-ticket voting after it was dropped from statewide ballots by a Republican predecessor in 2011.
The court sided with critics who argued that it was up to the Legislature to make a determination on straight-ticket voting. The practice in New Mexico dates back at least a century, but Chief Justice Judith Nakamura noted that lawmakers have waivered repeatedly in recent years on whether to clearly prohibit or authorize it.

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