Sunday, September 11, 2022

Myers Calls for Glacier County Regional Port Authority Removals

An open letter by J.R.Myers.

I believe that the entire Glacier County Regional Port Authority board of directors and staff are in violation of their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution of Montana, and its laws.  GCRPA is transgressing the very laws upon which it was founded

Now GCRPA uses Montanans’ taxpayer money to initiate and fund a lawsuit to defend Blackfeet tribal sovereignty against the laws of Montana!  What!?

Article on GCRPA lawsuit.

How can they serve two masters?  They cannot.

I believe this warrants their immediate removal from office as it is a form of open rebellion against the peace and dignity of the People and State of Montana.

They have all forfeited their privilege to remain in any public office in Montana after these egregious usurpations.

In Life & Liberty,