Sunday, May 8, 2022

Is the Sparks LP National Convention Valid?

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It is clear that the Mises Caucus and their allies, agents, and useful idiots on the Libertarian National Committee and the various other LP committees have used whatever powers they have to stack the deck.

Actions were taken in violation of the National Party Bylaws that cannot be reversed and that make it impossible for LP candidates to campaign effectively. Accordingly, the Sparks convention is arguably invalid as a National Convention.

First, the Credentials Committee has de facto validated the Massachusetts and Delaware delegates of the Mises faction, by listing them as delegates, without listing the Massachusetts delegation from the Massachusetts group currently recognized by the LNC as its affiliate, and without mentioning the  competing delegation submitted by the Delaware LP group with ballot access.

There are two delegate lists received for Delaware and for Massachusetts, because there are competing factions in those state affiliates. Prior practice when receiving competing delegations has been for the Credentials Committee to list both groups as submitted delegates. The decision as to which delegation would be seated was left to the delegates at convention.   The Mises-Caucus-dominated Credentials Committee instead reported only the Mises Caucus supported group from each state, without any justification or authority.  There is a pending Judicial Committee appeal regarding Massachusetts.

Second, the Credentials Committee chair, Susan Hogarth, did not prior to the start of May distribute the list of delegates.  In the months prior to convention, it is traditional for candidates for internal office and other party members to send mailings to convention delegates to inform them of options. Libertarian Party bylaws explicitly protect the right of any party member to receive a copy of the delegate list for an upcoming convention:

Bylaws Article 10, Section 5: Delegate List: Any Party member shall be provided, upon request and payment of copying and mailing costs, a list of the names and addresses of all delegates  selected to attend and those who actually attended the most recent two conventions, with those who attended clearly identified, and all  delegates / alternates selected to the upcoming convention, if available.

Previous credentials committees have sent partial and past delegate lists out many months in advance. The current committee did not.

Whether this failure was purposeful to prevent party members from communicating with delegates or just an inability to compile the list in a timely manner, it has the effect of preventing party members from effectively communicating with the delegates who will represent their interests at convention, and therefore arguably invalidates the convention.

When Ms. Hogarth finally announced that the delegate list was available, she added her own restrictions on its use. There is no basis in the Bylaws for these restrictions. Her restrictions were

This list of the delegates and alternates for LNC2022 with mailing addresses is being provided to you by the interim Chair of the Credentials Committee, Susan Hogarth. The list is current as of <date> but the list will be changing as delegations are updated by the affiliate Chairs. Please feel free to request an updated list.  Only the individual requesting and receiving this list is authorized to use it, and this excludes sharing the information with any organization of which you may be a member. This list is provided with the understanding that you are a national Party member in good standing. A list of delegate/alternate names is available publicly. This list differs in having attached the mailing addresses of each delegate/alternate, and is provided in compliance with current Libertarian Party Bylaws. You may not breach the privacy of delegates/alternates by sharing or selling this list with mailing addresses.

The Libertarian Party will hold a national convention in less than three weeks. It is now more or less too late for you to get your mailing to a mailing house and send your mailing to all delegates.



NewFederalist said...

Who authored this article?

J.R.Myers said...

George Phillies, he did not attribute it to himself, and I don't have permissions to edit it.

NewFederalist said...

Thank you. Good luck in your congressional race.

Charles Byrd said...

Cope and seethe, Loser.