Saturday, April 2, 2022

Sarah Palin & 47 Others File in AK

The upcoming Special Election Open Top Four Primary in Alaska for the single At-Large Congressional seat long held by Don Young will occur June 11.  His death has opened the flood gates of pent up political pressure, as over 48 candidates from all across the political spectrum have filed.  Filing deadline was Friday, April 1 at 5:00pm Alaska Time.  This promises to be a a memorable and historic election, as candidates only have about 8 weeks until ballots are mailed out to voters.  This will be an all mail-in ballot election.  Additionally, the General Special Election Date will fall on the same day as the regular Primary election.  This means, that there will be two similar crowded ballots for the same office on the same day.  One is to fill the remainder of Don Young's term through January 3, 2023, the other for the next regular two year term. 

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