Monday, April 25, 2022

Who's In Charge of the American Independent Party of California?

BAN reports that the California Secretary of State has not determined who the current officers of the American Independent Party of California are?  The American Independent Party is the third largest party in California by voter registration, which is 731,426 as of 1/4/22.  Until recently, the CA SOS listed Markham Robinson as Chairman, he has been deceased since 2021.  Apparently, former CA AIP board member, Mark Seidenberg has relocated to Anchorage, Alaska.  In a curious twist, former AIP activist and current California resident, Robert Ornelas has filed for the Alaska Special Congressional Election under the American Independent Party label.  There is currently no American Independent Party organized in Alaska.    

Saturday, April 16, 2022

J.R.Myers Calls for Debt Jubilee



Be Free Alaska, America & Earth!

This is a time to remember that a great price was paid to free humanity from our hopeless debt…

Now, we are to forgive one another’s debts, as our debts are forgiven.

Debt Jubilee is a way to periodically correct the economy to prevent the oppression of the people by overly concentrated wealth and power.  It is a generational reset to provide hope and opportunity for the young.   It is economic justice. - J.R.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Alaskan Special Election Ballot Set

From the Alaska Division of Elections Website:

Ballot rotation works as follows:
  • Each house district gets its own ballot.
  • Candidates for state representative are listed in a random alphabetical order determined by the division.
  • Candidates for state senate are listed in the same random alphabetical order in odd house districts, and they rotate in even house districts, so that the candidate at the top of the list drops to the bottom of the list.
  • All other candidates begin in alphabetical order in House District 1 and rotate from there.

So for the special primary election, candidates for the vacant U.S. House seat are listed alphabetically in House District 1. Then the candidate at the top of the list drops to the bottom of the list in House District 2. This process repeats through House District 40.

 Alaska Division of Elections Sample Ballotssampleballots_2022specialelections.php

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Sarah Palin & 47 Others File in AK

The upcoming Special Election Open Top Four Primary in Alaska for the single At-Large Congressional seat long held by Don Young will occur June 11.  His death has opened the flood gates of pent up political pressure, as over 48 candidates from all across the political spectrum have filed.  Filing deadline was Friday, April 1 at 5:00pm Alaska Time.  This promises to be a a memorable and historic election, as candidates only have about 8 weeks until ballots are mailed out to voters.  This will be an all mail-in ballot election.  Additionally, the General Special Election Date will fall on the same day as the regular Primary election.  This means, that there will be two similar crowded ballots for the same office on the same day.  One is to fill the remainder of Don Young's term through January 3, 2023, the other for the next regular two year term. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

J.R.Myers Declares for AK U.S. House Race

 J.R.Myers , a leader of the Life & Liberty Caucus of the LP, has declared his candidacy as a Libertarian for the Alaska At-Large U.S. House District on his website. This will be the first Top Four Ranked Choice Voting election in Alaska.  J.R. had already entered the Special Election triggered by the passing of Representative Don Young.  


My name is ᐱᒼᐸᐦᑕᐃᐧᐣ pimpahtawin ᒪᐦᑫᓰᐢ mahkesîs, or Running Fox.  Most call me J.R., after my great-grandfather, John Richard Price.  I am Metis Cree on my paternal grandfather's side of the family.  Descended from the Adams and LaFountaines, of the Red River Metis Settlement, and their subsequent dislocations and relocations before and during the North-West (Riel) Rebellion of 1885 in Canada, and later in Montana.  My grandfather always said we were the Landless Indians.  The Landless Cree.  There was a time when I was younger that 14 of us lived in a little upstairs apartment in Great Falls, Montana.    

Well, I think that's what drew my grandfather to homestead outside of Fairbanks in the Great Land, after his military duty in Alaska during WWII.  (BTW-That was a time when Russia was considered our ally...)  My grandmother said, "Alaska was always good to me."  Alaska, an ancient homeland for so many, and a new frontier full of opportunity for so many others.  That dynamic is still playing out.  

My father spent some of his childhood on the family homestead too, outside what is now North Pole.  They used dog sleds, and dug a hole in the permafrost for their refrigerator, of course they had an outhouse.  It was real frontier life!  

Fast forward, most of my family is in Anchorage during the Great Quake of 1964.  I grew up hearing the terrible tales of the devastation to Anchorage, and witnessed its hopeful recovery to become the hub it is today.  I spoke my first word in Anchorage, "Peppermint!"  I havent stopped talking since.  

Then, back and forth to Montana over the years, I was often reminded by family and friends about the many wonders of Alaska, especially the generous and kindhearted people.  It was a time when neighbors really had each others' backs.  It's still that way in some places out there.  I remember, I long kept a little bix with fur scraps from various Alaskan animals, such as the Polar Bear, Seals, and yes, even Fox.  My mother had a carved ivory Billican, and a carved miniature Seal I would often play with.  I still have my specially made Mukluks that I wore in the 60's, as a young child in Anchorage.  The Mukluks have a pungent smell that still brings back remembrances. 

 In 2003, I decided to return to Alaska to serve the people as a counselor.  I immediately purchased land, and have owned property in Alaska since then.  I have a cabin on some land outside of Soldotna.  I have worked with people from Anchorage to Homer, Juneau, Sitka, Bethel, Fairbanks, Nikolaevsk, Anchor Point, Nikiski, Kenai, Soldotna, Anchor Point, Ninilchik, Kasilof, Haines, Klukwan and many points in between.  I have worked with people across the political spectrum.  I have benefitted in many ways from the great bounty of the Great Land.  I have witnessed great changes.  I have also seen great lost opportunities.  I have watched as Alaskans are lied to and betrayed over and over again by the political class.  Yet, the promise of Alaska remains.  It is truly a Great Land, with Great People!  

I met Alaskan Representative Don Young in his Office in Washington, D.C. a few years ago.  He personally hosted me on a visit there with his fiance Anne by his side.  I remember that Don was gracious, and proud of his role as Alaska's sole Representative.  Maybe it should have been "soul" representative.  His office was chok full of Alaskan memorabilia and artifacts.  I remember him telling me when I arrived, "You look like somebody I should know!", as he reached out to shake my hand.  I had a great picture taken with Don before I left.  That's the kind of welcoming, authentic and bold representation Alaskans deserve to have continued on the national stage in the House in Washington, D.C.

Alaskans deserve a sincere Representative of ALL of the People!  That is why I have decided, in addition to my run in the Special House election, to also declare my candidacy for the regular U.S. House Election to be held on August 16 & November 8 of this year.  I humbly ask for the support of ALL Alaskans in this election.  Let's keep Our Great Land Great!      

In Life & Liberty,