Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Life & Liberty Party Urges Americans To Resist Tyrannical Mandates

The Life and Liberty Party is urging all Americans to resist the unlawful, "Biden vaccine mandates," in all lawful ways possible.  Under our parties' Healthcare Freedom plank adopted on June 27, 2020,

"We believe in the freedom to choose or refuse what goes into one's own body. 

Everyone shall have the right to seek alternative medicines and treatments.  

No medication intervention or treatment shall be forced against an individual's will.  IE:  forced vaccinations or specific medical treatments.  

Patients have the right to full disclosure of known risks versus benefits in order to give well-informed consent."  

There is no constitutional authority for these mandates.  Therefore, they are intrinsicly unlawful and inherently void.  We urge all Americans to stand strong together!  Do not be divided.  The true heroes are those who hold fast to their convictions in the face of tyranny!  Do not be swayed by the ceaseless propaganda.  Good doesn't require coercion.

Vigilently Yours,

J.R.Myers, Chairman

Life And Liberty Party

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