Saturday, August 7, 2021

Andy Jacobs: Response to Caryn Ann Harlos and Joshua Smith about Government Plants



George Phillies said...

The LNC debated at length the motion to suspend Caryn Ann Harlos as National Party Secretary. at the end, the vote was 11-2-1 in favor of her suspension. The needed 11 yes votes having been obtained, she ceased to be National Secretary. An appeal to the judicial committee is possible.

She did not get to vote on the motion. Joshua Smith was ill, and did not attend the meeting, but his absence had no effect on this vote. The two votes against were Nanna and Bowen. The recorded abstention was Moellman.

George Phillies said...

Now Harlos has appealed to the Libertarian Party Judicial Committee.

George Phillies said...

Her appeal was yesterday. The Judicial Committee sounded to be unsympathetic.
As minor addenda: Harlos introduced the claim that ‘for cause’ in the LP bylaws should be interpreted under employment law. Ken Moellman, very late in the session, correctly noted that the phrase also appears in law and precedent governing non-profit boards, where it has a very different meaning, one that sustains the LNC position.

There was a discussion of the Non-Aggression Principle found in the bylaws. That is an agreement that we are not trying to overthrow the government by force — David Nolan told me so, and he wrote it — so it is not related to the issue here.

Alicia Mattson, who is one of the sharp minds on the Judicial Committee with respect to the Bylaws and Roberts, appeared inclined toward the LNC position.