Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Full Statement about LPNH situation from LPNH State Chair Jilleta Jarvis


From State Chair Jilletta Jarvis:

Change in New Hampshire Libertarian Party

During the last two months I have watched a hostile take-over happen to
an organization that was fighting for the equality and freedom of every
individual in this state. An organization that wanted to see all people
treated with respect, to have the liberty to choose freedom. I believed
that with these same goals we could learn to work together.

I confess that I was wrong. I have watched secret plots occurring and
been shushed about it and advised that I was simply misunderstanding,
and that non-supportive behavior on my part would not be tolerated.
Meanwhile, these same individuals have made public statements about
their intention to rid my organization of those who had fought to build
it over all these years in this state. Their strategy of so-called
“bold messaging” is not designed to promote freedom and educate people
on how to peacefully take back the freedoms guaranteed to them in the
Constitution. Their strategy is, frankly, designed to discredit the
Libertarian Party in the state and in our nation.
There is a right way to be bold. There is a right way to make demands
for freedom. There is a right way to move people to want to fight for
their rights. But, as humans, we are fallible and sometimes we don’t
learn the lessons of history – even our own immediate history. January
6th showed us what can happen when people are riled up into a frenzy and
given little direction. For the last two months, the Libertarian Party
of New Hampshire has been using this strategy, the strategy of riling up
mobs to frenzy and giving them no direction. These new members have
stated their intention was to take us over and then move on to do the
same thing in the Republican Party. While the Republican Party is my
opposition, I am not willing to have this Party used to support such a
goal. I am not willing to allow this Party to be turned into a force
that takes apart the hard work of thousands of individuals across this
country; the candidates who had to work three times as hard as their
opponents just to get on the ballot, let alone win their races. These
individuals deserve our respect and support, not angry mobs.

When I was elected as Chair, I was hopeful for the opportunity to grow
and diversify of the Party, to build a strong core of politically
motivated individuals ready to write policy proposals, testify against
bills that stole the freedom of the individuals of New Hampshire, and
stand up for individual rights and equality. I was enthused that there
was a desire for bold messaging to promote these ideals and large
committees of people ready to stand up for the individual.

While my desire for these things has not lessened, neither has the
division in the Party between those who have those same goals and those
who have an alternate agenda. We have always had diverse opinions in
the LPNH. This is not new, but this is the first year that the
distinction between them was so rigid that individuals cannot see
through them to work towards a common goal.

There are now two groups in the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire where
there used to be one. One group that is the Libertarian Party of New
Hampshire and another that wants to work towards their vision of Liberty
in a more “bold,” more bellicose manner. It is not up to me to say
which of these strategies is correct, but it is my responsibility to
lead my Party towards the success of the goals of both the State and
National Libertarian Party.

These two internal groups refuse to work together and so, if either is
to succeed, it is time to separate. Those members who wish to push for
the open umbrella of the State and National Platform by seeking to
promote Libertarian Candidates and fight for individual rights and
equality on the state stage are invited to stay with me in the
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. Those who wish to push for goals
specific to a more independent branch of libertarianism through bold
social messaging are welcome to stay with the other members of the
previous Executive Committee. Fighting for the rights of all
individuals means fighting for your right to represent yourselves, and
this is your opportunity. Start your own Party, if you wish, free from
the perceived limitations of the Libertarian Party. This is your time,
your best chance to seize on this opportunity. You have an amazing
capacity to grow your numbers without being burdened by the constant
struggle of being affiliated with a Party that does not agree with your
goals or methods.

To this end, we have established a new interim set of Bylaws and
Platform and instituted a new Executive Committee to work with me in the
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. To those who wish to rejoin us,
previous membership payments will be honored, however there is a
requirement to sign a new oath and review the interim Bylaws and
Platform and affirm you can agree to abide by them.

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire will still be the Nationally
recognized Libertarian Party as I was the only unanimously elected
official at our last election. As evidence, I am including a copy of a
letter from the Chair of the National Executive Committee of the
Libertarian Party attesting to this fact.

Out of respect for all of those who have been angered, threatened, or
insulted by the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, there will be no new
Social Media posts from us for the rest of this weekend.

I thank you for your time and for all of you who wish to fight for
freedom in our lifetime.

New Oath of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire:

“I will not advocate or endorse the initiation of force as a means to
achieve political or social goals.  I will advocate for the freedom from
oppression and coercion for all New Hampshire residents and affirm that
as Libertarians we condemn bigotry as irrational and repugnant.”


Allforthinking said...
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Allforthinking said...

Kudos to those who can keep working in a sensible manner that those who are not registered Libertarians can understand and support. The current emotion-driven political climate rewards extravagance in messaging, big actions as well as belligerance and bullying, and it takes realeadership to say no in the face of all that drama. At a time when a great many folks are disgusted with the machinations of the old parties, focusing on getting Libertarians elected who are dedicated to liberty and smaller government is critical, and since we are a minority party,those goals cannot be reached by hyperbole, fractiousness and ideological rigidity. We need to keep our eyes on the prize, as this state chair has done.

Allforthinking said...
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Cody Quirk said...

Fyi, ATPR will continue coverage of this matter from BOTH sides. If anyone wants to submit any official rebuttals to this letter from any other officers or prominent members of the LP; email me or any contributing ATPR author and it will be published here 👍

FWW said...

"...we have established a new interim set of Bylaws and Platform and instituted a new Executive Committee to work with me"

More than any other, this statement impeaches the lady's pretense. All this was done..."to work with me." In other words: I, me, my.

The lady's euphemistic attempts to gloss over certain naked autocratic actions are self evident.

"Established" an new interim set of bylaws...no. What the lady means to say is that the actual bylaws have been ignored and torn up. "Instituted" a new Executive Committee...no. What the lady means to say is that a summary expulsion of elected officers was undertaken, denying to those ousted redress and judicial process.

Irrespective of the lady's evident bias as expressed through her embittered accusations, these are certainly not the qualities of a true libertarian. Libertine perhaps. And no less libertine than the persons about whom the lady complains.

In sum, it's my way, or the highway. Sadly, that road is well paved and well travelled; but it still leads to perdition nevertheless.