Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Full Statement about LPNH situation from LPNH State Chair Jilleta Jarvis


From State Chair Jilletta Jarvis:

Change in New Hampshire Libertarian Party

During the last two months I have watched a hostile take-over happen to
an organization that was fighting for the equality and freedom of every
individual in this state. An organization that wanted to see all people
treated with respect, to have the liberty to choose freedom. I believed
that with these same goals we could learn to work together.

I confess that I was wrong. I have watched secret plots occurring and
been shushed about it and advised that I was simply misunderstanding,
and that non-supportive behavior on my part would not be tolerated.
Meanwhile, these same individuals have made public statements about
their intention to rid my organization of those who had fought to build
it over all these years in this state. Their strategy of so-called
“bold messaging” is not designed to promote freedom and educate people
on how to peacefully take back the freedoms guaranteed to them in the
Constitution. Their strategy is, frankly, designed to discredit the
Libertarian Party in the state and in our nation.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

New Hampshire Libertarian Party State Chair Jilletta Jarvis Posts Statement on Internal Party Matters

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On June 12, Jilletta Jarvis, chair of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party, posted this statement on the party’s website about a group within the state party.

Only One Virginia Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Has Enough Valid Signatures

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The Virginia Elections office has determined that independent gubernatorial candidate Princess Blanding submitted enough valid signatures to be on the November 2021 ballot. The other two petitions, for Constitution Party nominee T. C. Phipps and independent Frankie Bowers, did not have enough.

Therefore, only three candidates will be on the November ballot, the Democratic and Republican nominees, and Blanding.*

*ATPR Editors note: it was recently announced that the Constitution Party of Virginia is attempting to file a legal appeal to the Virginia Elections office decision. 

Five Candidates to be on November 2021 Ballot for New Jersey Governor

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Five candidates will be on the New Jersey ballot for Governor in November 2021: the nominees of the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Socialist Workers Party. See this story, which says that is the smallest number of candidates for that office since 1953.

In 1953, there were nominees from the Republican, Democratic, and Socialist Labor Parties, and two independents.

June 8 is Deadline for General Election Petitions in Both New Jersey and Virginia 2021 Gubernatorial Elections

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Tuesday, June 8, is the deadline for independent candidate petitions, and petitions for the nominees of unqualified parties, in both New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial elections. The New Jersey deadline is 4 p.m. The New Jersey election office website shows that the Green Party and the Socialist Workers Party have both submitted their petitions, but there will probably be more filings by the end of the day.