Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Green Party of New Jersey Invites Everyone To Attend Its Online 2021 Annual Convention This Sunday May 2nd



For Immediate Release For Immediate Release


The Green Party of New Jersey welcomes all of its registered Greens, dues-paying members, members of the press and those disenfranchised by the two-party system to attend its virtual 2021 Annual Convention via Zoom this Sunday, May 2nd, from 1:00-4:30pm. The “public session” is for everyone and will feature a keynote speaker, a panel and introductions by 2021 candidates. To attend you must register through this Zoom link:

GPNJ will welcome as keynote speaker Angela Walker, the Green Party U.S. 2020 Vice Presidential Candidate. She will speak about her community activism, reasons for running for higher office, and the recent campaign with Howie Hawkins for President during the pandemic. Her work continues and has shifted to help grow power outside the two-party system with the “Green Socialist Organizing Project.”

Full press release can be read here.

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