Monday, May 3, 2021

Texas Special Election Results for U.S. House

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On May 1, Texas held a special election to fill the vacancy in the Sixth District. Texas special elections do not have party nominees. Instead, all candidates file by paying a filing fee and all appear on the same ballot. There were eleven Republicans, ten Democrats, one Libertarian, and one independent. If no one gets 50%, there is a runoff.

Preliminary returns show that the eleven Republicans polled a total of 48,554 votes; the ten Democrats polled 29,204; the independent received 351; the Libertarian received 265. The percentages are: Republican 61.95%; Democrats 37.26%; independent .45%; Libertarian .34%.

No one received a majority. Two Republicans, Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey, placed first and second, so they will be in the runoff.

When this district voted in November 2020, the percentages had been: Republican 52.80%; Democratic 43.98%; Libertarian 3.22%. Here are the unofficial results for all the 23 candidates.

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