Saturday, May 1, 2021

Iowa Libertarians challenge their ’white dudes who smoke weed’ reputation

by Andrew Sullivan, The Gazette

A trans woman, a racial justice activist, a former Democrat and a lifelong Libertarian walked into a Libertarian Party of Iowa convention last week.

Libertarianism is often seen as a right-wing ideology, but Iowa’s third-largest political party is working to shake the reputation. Party leaders hope to chart a more inclusive path, beyond the stereotypical conservative-to-libertarian pipeline.

At their annual convention last week in Cedar Rapids, party organizers invited me to moderate a panel discussion focused on Libertarian outreach outside the usual networks of the liberty movement.

Jeni Kadel, a member of the gender and sexual minority community, lamented that the political left gets credit for issues where they fail to deliver.

“‘We’re going to drop bombs but on the side of the bombs is going to be a rainbow flag for pride.’ They’re able to sell this even though they don’t follow up or do anything,” Kadel said...

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