Tuesday, February 2, 2021

New West Virginia Registration Data

Ballot Access News

On February 1, the West Virginis Secretary of State posted registration data as of January 31, 2021, on his website. See it here. The website does not include the data for unqualified parties, but the office by e-mail says the Independent Party has 38,300 registrants, and the Constitution Party has 174.

Percentages are: Democratic 36.68%; Republican 36.49%; Independent Party 3.07%; Libertarian .72%; Green .19%; Constitution .01%; independent and miscellaneous 22.84%.

On September 30, the percentages were: Democratic 37.48%; Republican 35.69%; Libertarian .67%; Green .19%; Constitution .01%; independent and miscellaneous 25.95%. Thanks to Jeff Becker for the totals for the Independent Party and the Constitution Party.

It seems likely the Independent Party will sue to get recognized, because its gubernatorial nominee in 2020 received over 1% of the vote, even though they were write-in votes.


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