Tuesday, February 2, 2021

New Nevada Voter Registration Data

Ballot Access News

On February 1, the Nevada Secretary of State put up new voter registration data. See it here. The website does not show the number of active registered Greens, but the Secretary of State’s office says there are 2,274.

The percentages are: Democratic 36.43%; Republican 32.05%; Independent American 4.57%; Libertarian .98%; Green .13%; independent and miscellaneous 25.85%.

The percentages in September 2020 were: Democratic 37.57%; Republican 32.50%; Independent American 4.44%; Libertarian .98%; Green .09%; independent and miscellaneous 24.42%.

It is somewhat surprising that the Green Party registration went from 1,578 in September 2020, to 2,274 currently. The Green Party has not been on the ballot in Nevada since 2010.

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