Sunday, February 14, 2021

New Idaho Registration Data

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The Idaho Secretary of State has released registration data as of February 5, 2021. The totals are: Republican 556,906; Democratic 145,479; Libertarian 11,581; Constitution 4,052; independent and miscellaneous 338,800.

Percentages are: Republican 52.70%; Democratic 13.77%; Libertarian 1.10%; Constitution .38%; independent and miscellaneous 32.06%.

In September 2020, the percentages were: Republican 52.88%; Democratic 14.13%; Libertarian 1.00%; Constitution .36%; independent and miscellaneous 31.64%.

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Floyd Whitley said...

Should note that February's 2021 registration figures from the Idaho Secretary of State statewide are the largest total statewide registered voters with CP-Idaho to date.

However, CP-Idaho registrations are expected to drop somewhat off this record total (a normal correction), given the Idaho Code mandates a "purge" of the statewide voter lists every odd-year, NLT 120 days following a general election. Per Title 34, Chapter 4, 34-435.

In all though, CP-Idaho continues to enjoy solid growth in its statewide voter registrations.