Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Conservative Party Has Enough Registrations to be Ballot-Qualified in Delaware

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For the first time, there are enough people registered in the Conservative Party in Delaware, so that it is ballot-qualified and is free to nominate by convention in 2022, assuming it keeps its registrants. The party, as of February 1, 2021, has 779 registrants. The law requires registration of one-tenth of 1%, which is 759 registrants.

As of October 2020, there were 660 registered Conservatives, so it appears someone has been working to increase the party’s registration. However, there is no website for any Conservative Party of Delaware, and it is possible there is no organization, and the increase in registration is just individual voters choosing to write in “Conservative” on their voter registration forms.

The other qualified minor parties in Delaware are the Independent Party and the Libertarian Party. The Green Party has 752 registrants, up from 719 as of October 2020, so it virtually has enough.

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FWW said...

In an effort to improve candidate quality and voter choice available through our CP-Idaho presidential primary (March 2024) and upon reading this news article by Winger, I contacted the Conservative Party to inquire.

I made the effort in general support of the concept of state alternative parties operating in league on common objectives. I still maintain this principle has merit.

Unfortunately, what I found upon further review with the FEC is that the Conservative Party of the US was administratively terminated by the FEC in November, 2019.

Then the purported "party" filed a Form 1 (Statement of Organization) and immediately amended it in January 2020, in time at least by appearance for the 2020 General Election.

However, their Form 1 clearly states that the Conservative Party of the US is a connected and/or affiliated party with the Republican Party National Committee. So in other words a front organization, or a bundler of funds from the unaware "third party" electorate who may assume the Conservative Party is a unique entity.


My view is that, euphemistically stated, this is something of a deliberate and deceptive misdirection, if not a predatory practice. Things are not as they sometimes seem to be.