Tuesday, January 5, 2021

RIP Reform Party USA: 1995-2020

by J.R.Myers, former Montana Reform Party Chairman 1999-2003, Elected Montana Reform Party Precinct Committee Member Butte/SilverBow County, Montana 2000, and 2000 Reform Party primary nominee for Montana Secretary of State in 2000.

After 25 years, it appears that the Reform Party saga has concluded.  A little bird wanted me, and you, to know what happened.  Finally, we now have closure.

Here is apparently what has transpired to end the Reform Party of Ross Perot.  It has now been confirmed by a highly placed source, that the Florida Reform Party has formally affiliated itself with the Alliance Party.  The Florida Reform Party is therefore no longer affiliated with the now essentially defunct national Reform Party.  Mark Cardenas is the newly elected Florida RP Chairman.

Alliance Party state chairs.

According to an anonymous source, "I can confirm that the Reform Party of Florida is no longer affiliated with the National Reform Party.  They are not trustworthy at all, and that is due in part to the actions of Nick Hensley.  He makes promises, and never fulfills them.  He promised Florida many things, including a national officer position.  That would have been fair since Florida had ballot access, as opposed to other states.  Every promise he made to Florida he broke.  He stabbed us in the back and went out of his way to defame Florida.  He even had Leigh Pollet accusing Florida officers of defecting to the Alliance Party as part of his speech nominating Nick Hensley for Chair.

The Alliance Party of Florida did merge into the Reform Party of Florida. That brought in new people, including the new incumbent leadership.  It's a fact that Florida was able to recruit many new delegates because of the Alliance Party of Florida merger.

Nick Hensley's actions are the primary reason that Florida is no longer affiliated with the national Reform Party.  Furthermore, the national Reform Party is considered to be a terminated committee by the FEC, which shows a lack of competence of the national party.  

Nick Hensley is the most untrustworthy individual I have had the mispleasure of meeting.  He promised the nomination to Rocky De La Fuente for months, only to backtrack a few days before the nomination.  He then had his associates nominate Souraya Faas.

As far as I can tell, the national Reform Party is pretty much just a Facebook group now."

With this development, the Reform Party is no longer a ballot qualified party anywhere in the USA.  It has no known organized state affiliates.  It is essentially an historical footnote.  What a sad commentary on the Party of Ross Perot!



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