Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Arizona Supreme Court Still Hasn’t Explained Why it Kept Kanye West Off November 2020 Ballot

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On September 8, 2020, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a short order in West v Clayton, CV-20-0249, saying Kanye West could not be on the Arizona November ballot as an independent candidate for president because his candidates for presidential elector had not filed statements of Economic Interest. The Court said it would explain its reasoning later.

Four months have passed, and the court still hasn’t issued its explanation. It will probably be very difficult for the Arizona Supreme Court to explain its action. No one ever before had interpreted the Arizona law to mean that candidates for presidential elector must file campaign finance documents. No other state has ever required candidates for presidential elector to file campaign finance statements. The Arizona Secretary of State’s website has very clear instructions for independent presidential candidates and the Secretary of State’s website had never said that presidential elector candidates must file such documents.

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