Wednesday, January 20, 2021

American Solidarity Party Places Nominee on Ballot for Special Wisconsin State Senate Election

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Wisconsin holds a special state senate election on April 6, to fill the vacant State Senate seat, 13th district. The vacancy exists because the previous State Senator, Scott Fitzgerald, resigned to take a seat in Congress.

The American Solidarity Party has petitioned to place its nominee on the ballot. He is Ben Schmitz. He will face the Republican and Democratic nominees (who will be determined in February primaries), and an independent candidate, Spencer Zimmerman, whose ballot label will be “Trump Conservative”. Thanks to Independent Political Report for this news.

Schmitz needed 400 signatures to get on the ballot. He is the second American Solidarity Party nominee for a state legislative office to appear on a ballot with the party label. The first was Monica Sohler, who ran in 2017 for New Jersey’s legislature, Assembly District 6.

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