Friday, January 29, 2021

Green, Constitution Parties Lose NC Recognition

 by Bill Fisher, 

The Constitution Party and the Green Party are no longer recognized political parties in North Carolina.

Both parties failed to turn out the required 2% of the total vote for their candidate for governor or for presidential electors in the 2020 general election. (Read a letter to the leaders of the parties.) Voters who register or update their registrations will no longer be able to affiliate with either party.

Bill Would Impose Signature Requirement On Statewide Libertarian Candidates In Indiana

by Brandon Smith, Indiana Public Media

Republicans in a House committee Monday voted to make it harder for Libertarian Party candidates for Indiana governor and U.S. senator to get on the ballot.

The legislation would impose signature requirements on Libertarians that major party candidates must already meet.

Trump Campaign Distances Itself From Rogue ‘Patriot Party’

by Jack Brewster,

A day after former President Donald Trump reportedly backed off the idea to establish a new political party, members of his inner circle made clear Monday the 45th president was not affiliated with a new “Patriot Party” PAC established last week by a Georgia man.

New District of Columbia Registration Data

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The District of Columbia Board of Elections has posted registration data for December 31, 2020. See it here. The percentages are: Democratic 76.41%; Republican 5.71%; Green .73%; Libertarian .40%; independent and miscellaneous 16.74%.

The September 30, 2020 percentages were: Democratic 76.76%; Republican 5.69%; Green .72%; Libertarian .39%; independent and miscellaneous 16.44%.

SAM Party Chooses Former Congressmember David Jolly as Executive National Chairman

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Former Congressmember David Jolly of Florida has been named Executive Chairman for the SAM Party. See this SAM Party blog post.

Here is a link to the wikipedia page for Jolly.

New Kentucky Registration Data

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The Kentucky State Board of Elections released new registration data earlier this month. See this link. The percentages are: Democratic 46.65%; Republican 44.15%; Libertarian .39%; Green .06%; Constitution .03%; Socialist Workers .01%; Reform .004%; independent and miscellaneous 8.71%.

In October 2020, the percentages were: Democratic 46.91%; Republican 44.00%; Libertarian .38%; Green .05%; Constitution .03%; Socialist Workers .01%; Reform .004%; independent and miscellaneous 8.63%.

Independent Party of West Virginia Sets State Convention

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The Independent Party of West Virginia has a website and has announced the date and location for its April 2021 state convention. See here.

The party believes it is ballot-qualified, based on the write-in vote Marshall Wilson received for Governor in November 2020. He was a registered member of the Independent Party at the time of the election. Thanks to Jeff Becker for the news.

New Wyoming Registration Data

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The Wyoming Secretary of State has posted the January 1, 2021 registration data. See it here. Percentages are: Republican 69.06%; Democratic 16.91%; Libertarian .95%; Constitution .25%; independent and miscellaneous 12.82%.

On September 1, 2020, the percentages were: Republican 70.83%; Democratic 18.23%; Libertarian .61%; Constitution .16%; independent and miscellaneous 10.16%.

Filing Closes for Two Louisiana Special U.S. House Elections

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On January 22, filing closed for the two special U.S. House elections in Louisiana set for March. Here is a link to the candidate list.

The Second District has 15 candidates: eight Democrats, four Republicans, one Libertarian, one member of the Independent Party, and one independent.

The Fifth District has 13 candidates: nine Republicans, two Democrats, one member of the Independent Party, and one independent.

New Maryland Voter Registration Data

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The Maryland State Board of Elections has released registration totals for December 31, 2020. See it here. Scroll down. The percentages are: Democratic 54.87%; Republican 24.71%; Libertarian .37%; Green .14%; Working Class .05%; Bread & Roses .03%; independent and miscellaneous 19.84%.

Percentages on September 30, 2020, were: Democratic 54.99%; Republican 24.74%; Libertarian .34%; Green .14%; Working Class .04%; Bread & Roses .02%; independent and miscellaneous 19.73%.

Reform Party Stalwart Beverley Kennedy Dies From Covid


The Reform Party Executive Committee is sad to announce that Southwest Representative and Texas State Chairwoman Beverley Kennedy passed away yesterday, January 27th 2021, from Covid-19.

Thursday, January 21, 2021 'Here's How Donald Trump's 'Patriot Party' Could Become a Political Force'

by Matt Welch,

"Goodbye. We love you. We will be back in some form," Donald Trump said at the end of his final speech as president of the United States. "Have a good life. We will see you soon."

But how soon? And in what form?

These questions prompted much speculative chatter Tuesday, after The Wall Street Journal published a short, anonymously sourced article stating that "Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party," to be named the Patriot Party.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Working Families Party Is Now a Qualified Party in New Mexico

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Last year, the New Mexico Working Families Party completed the petition to be a qualified party. However, it did not have any nominees in New Mexico in 2020. When a new party completes the party petition in New Mexico, it is then qualified for at least two elections. Thanks to Rick Lass for this news.

Arizona Supreme Court Still Hasn’t Explained Why it Kept Kanye West Off November 2020 Ballot

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On September 8, 2020, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a short order in West v Clayton, CV-20-0249, saying Kanye West could not be on the Arizona November ballot as an independent candidate for president because his candidates for presidential elector had not filed statements of Economic Interest. The Court said it would explain its reasoning later.

Four months have passed, and the court still hasn’t issued its explanation. It will probably be very difficult for the Arizona Supreme Court to explain its action. No one ever before had interpreted the Arizona law to mean that candidates for presidential elector must file campaign finance documents. No other state has ever required candidates for presidential elector to file campaign finance statements. The Arizona Secretary of State’s website has very clear instructions for independent presidential candidates and the Secretary of State’s website had never said that presidential elector candidates must file such documents.

Green Party National Committee Decertifies Alaska Green Party

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On January 11, the Green Party National Committee decertified the Alaska Green Party from membership in the national organization. This is because the Alaska Green Party nominated Jesse Ventura for President instead of Howie Hawkins. See this story.

New Registration Data for North Carolina

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North Carolina State Board of Elections posts new registration tallies each week. Here is the January 16, 2021 tally. The percentages are: Democratic 35.31%; Republican 30.70%; Libertarian .63%; Constitution .07%; Green .05%; independent and miscellaneous 33.23%.

On October 10, 2020, the percentages were: Democratic 35.70%; Republican 30.18%; Libertarian .62%; Constitution .06%; Green .05%; independent and miscellaneous 33.39%.

New Colorado Registration Data

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The Colorado Secretary of State has released registration data for January 1, 2021. Here is it. Percentages are: Democratic 29.89%; Republican 27.19%; Libertarian 1.12%; Constitution .31%; Green .23%; Approval Voting .09%; Unity .08%; independent and miscellaneous 41.09%.

On October 1, 2020, the percentages were: Democratic 30.09%; Republican 27.36%; Libertarian 1.07%; Constitution .30%; Green .23%; Unity .07%; Approval Voting .07%; independent and miscellaneous 40.83%.

New Oklahoma Registration Data

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The Oklahoma State Board of Elections has posted registration data for January 15, 2021. See it here.

The percentages are: Republican 50.12%; Democratic 32.93%; Libertarian .69%; independent and other 16.25%.

On September 30, 2020, the percentages were: Republican 49.86%; Democratic 33.52%; Libertarian .61%; independent and other 16.01%. Thanks to Chris Powell for the link.

American Solidarity Party Places Nominee on Ballot for Special Wisconsin State Senate Election

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Wisconsin holds a special state senate election on April 6, to fill the vacant State Senate seat, 13th district. The vacancy exists because the previous State Senator, Scott Fitzgerald, resigned to take a seat in Congress.

The American Solidarity Party has petitioned to place its nominee on the ballot. He is Ben Schmitz. He will face the Republican and Democratic nominees (who will be determined in February primaries), and an independent candidate, Spencer Zimmerman, whose ballot label will be “Trump Conservative”. Thanks to Independent Political Report for this news.

Schmitz needed 400 signatures to get on the ballot. He is the second American Solidarity Party nominee for a state legislative office to appear on a ballot with the party label. The first was Monica Sohler, who ran in 2017 for New Jersey’s legislature, Assembly District 6.

Peace & Freedom Party Member Enters California Special State Senate Election

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Peace & Freedom Party member Ernesto Alexander Huerta is on the ballot for the March 2, 2021 California special election to fill the vacancy in the State Senate, 30th district. The district is in southwest Los Angeles County. The seat is vacant because the former State Senator, Holly Mitchell, resigned to take a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

There will be seven candidates on the ballot. See the list here. The list includes three Democrats, two Republicans, and one independent.

Newspaper Story Says New York Republicans in At Least One County are Enrolling Their Supporters in the Working Families Party

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This story says that in Rensselaer County, New York, Republican leaders are actively encouraging their supporters to enroll in the Working Families Party, so as to help Republican candidates win the WFP nomination.


Legal Marijuana Now Party of Nebraska Will Attempt to Save its Petition

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The Legal Marijuana Now Party is beginning the process of finding at least 28 more valid signatures, so as to be able to qualify for the Nebraska ballot. Earlier this month the Secretary of State had said it is short 28 valid signatures, but frequently when proponents of any type of petition do a more careful examination of the petition, they can find valid signatures that had been erroneously rejected.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Nebraska Secretary of State Rejects Legal Marijuana Now Party Petition

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On January 7, the Nebraska Secretary of State determined that the Legal Marijuana Now Party did not have enough valid signatures. Although it had enough statewide, Nebraska requires a certain number in each of the three U.S. House districts, and the determination was that the party lacked enough signatures in U.S. House district 2, the Omaha district.

The Nebraska Secretary of State does not permit any more signatures to be filed for a petition that is short, even if there is a long time until the deadline. The deadline for this petition was not until August 1, 2022. The petition was only 28 signatures short.

New York Independence Party in 2020 Had its Lowest Voter Support Since Becoming a Qualified Party

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The New York Independence Party became a ballot-qualified party in November 1994, and was on the ballot continuously ever since, although under the new definition of a “qualified party” passed in 2020, it went off the ballot in November 2020.

In November 2020 it had its lowest voter support since becoming a qualified party. Its nominee for the top office on the ballot, Brock Pierce for president, only polled .26% of the vote. Except in 2008, the Independence Party has always nominated someone for president who was not a Democrat or a Republican, if it nominated anyone at all. In 1996 it nominated Ross Perot and got 7.97%. In 2000 it nominated John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party and got .36%. In 2004 it nominated Ralph Nader and got 1.14%. In 2008 it nominated Republican nominee John McCain and got 2.15%. In 2012 it had no presidential nominee. In 2016 it nominated Gary Johnson, who was also the Libertarian nominee, and got 1.55%.

In 2020, as in past years, almost all of the Independence Party’s nominees for Congress and state legislature were also Democratic or Republican nominees. In 2020, for U.S. House, the Independence Party only attracted 1.23% of the vote in the U.S. House races in which it had a nominee, the lowest ever. In the past it always ranged between 2.63% and 5.43% for U.S. House.

For State Senate in 2020, it polled 2.23% in the districts in which it was on the ballot, the lowest since 1994. For Assembly in 2020, it polled 2.42% in districts where it had a nominee, the lowest since 1994.

If the other minor parties who are suing New York state win their lawsuits against the new definition of “party”, then the Independence Party will be restored to the ballot also. The Independence Party recently became the New York state affiliate of the Alliance Party.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

RIP Reform Party USA: 1995-2020

by J.R.Myers, former Montana Reform Party Chairman 1999-2003, Elected Montana Reform Party Precinct Committee Member Butte/SilverBow County, Montana 2000, and 2000 Reform Party primary nominee for Montana Secretary of State in 2000.

After 25 years, it appears that the Reform Party saga has concluded.  A little bird wanted me, and you, to know what happened.  Finally, we now have closure.

Here is apparently what has transpired to end the Reform Party of Ross Perot.  It has now been confirmed by a highly placed source, that the Florida Reform Party has formally affiliated itself with the Alliance Party.  The Florida Reform Party is therefore no longer affiliated with the now essentially defunct national Reform Party.  Mark Cardenas is the newly elected Florida RP Chairman.

Alliance Party state chairs.

According to an anonymous source, "I can confirm that the Reform Party of Florida is no longer affiliated with the National Reform Party.  They are not trustworthy at all, and that is due in part to the actions of Nick Hensley.  He makes promises, and never fulfills them.  He promised Florida many things, including a national officer position.  That would have been fair since Florida had ballot access, as opposed to other states.  Every promise he made to Florida he broke.  He stabbed us in the back and went out of his way to defame Florida.  He even had Leigh Pollet accusing Florida officers of defecting to the Alliance Party as part of his speech nominating Nick Hensley for Chair.

The Alliance Party of Florida did merge into the Reform Party of Florida. That brought in new people, including the new incumbent leadership.  It's a fact that Florida was able to recruit many new delegates because of the Alliance Party of Florida merger.

Nick Hensley's actions are the primary reason that Florida is no longer affiliated with the national Reform Party.  Furthermore, the national Reform Party is considered to be a terminated committee by the FEC, which shows a lack of competence of the national party.  

Nick Hensley is the most untrustworthy individual I have had the mispleasure of meeting.  He promised the nomination to Rocky De La Fuente for months, only to backtrack a few days before the nomination.  He then had his associates nominate Souraya Faas.

As far as I can tell, the national Reform Party is pretty much just a Facebook group now."

With this development, the Reform Party is no longer a ballot qualified party anywhere in the USA.  It has no known organized state affiliates.  It is essentially an historical footnote.  What a sad commentary on the Party of Ross Perot!



Saturday, January 2, 2021

New York Conservative Party Wins Legislative Election

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On November 3, 2020, the Conservative Party won the vote for New York Assemblymember, 48th district. There was only one candidate listed on the ballot, Simcha Eichenstein. He was the nominee of the Democratic Party and the Conservative Party. It is very common in New York for minor party candidates to jointly nominate major party nominees. Eicnehstein is a Democrat.

But, the Conservative Party vote was higher in this race than the Democratic vote. Eichenstein polled 13,411 votes on the Conservative line and 12,570 on the Democratic line. This is the first time in the Conservative Party’s history that it had polled a larger vote than any other party in the same race (in any election for federal or state office), except in 1970, when its vote in the U.S. Senate race for James Buckley was higher than the vote for any other party. Buckley was a registered Republican and he won the race. Generally, the 1970 U.S. Senate election is considered a win for the Conservative Party, because its vote was higher than that for any other party. So, by the same logic, it seems that the 2020 race for Assembly, 48th district, was also a Conservative Party win.

There have been members of the U.S. House who were enrolled Conservative Party members, but no one ever listed those instances as “wins” for the Conservative Party, because in all those races, the Republican vote was substantially higher than the Conservative Party vote.

No news outlet seems to have reported that the Conservative Party vote in the 48th district was the highest of any party’s vote.

Former U.S. Senator William Cohen Says “Maybe It’s Time for a New Political Party”

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On January 1, former U.S. Senator William Cohen was interviewed on CNN. He said, “Maybe it’s time for a new party.” He was in both houses of Congress, representing Maine as a Republican, from 1972 thru 1996. He was also Secretary of Defense during President Bill Clinton’s second term. See this link. Thanks to Political Wire for that link.

North Carolina Constitution Party Legislative Nominee Set Record for Minor Party Candidates in North Carolina for Over 100 Years

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Last month, Chris Cole, Constitution Party nominee for North Carolina State Senate, 41st district, polled 28.07% in a two-person race. He ran in the 41st district, which is centered in Charlotte.

Although it is not exceptional for a minor party candidate to poll as high as 28% in a two-person race, it is unusual in North Carolina. Cole’s percentage was the highest percentage for any third party candidate for North Carolina state office since 1912, when the Progressive Party was running.

Salt Lake Tribune Carries Op-Ed on the Growth of the United Utah Party

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The Salt Lake Tribune has this op-ed about the growth of the United Utah Party, written by two of the party’s activists. Thanks to Fairvote for the link.

Independent Voter News Carries Mike Feinstein’s Praise for Ranked Choice Voting Combined with Praise for Political Party Rights to Nominate

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The Independent Voters News has this opinion piece by Green Party activist Mike Feinstein of California. It praises Maine’s use of ranked choice voting, and criticizes Alaska’s new ranked choice voting. The difference is that in Maine, parties continue to have their own nominees, whereas in Alaska, parties have lost the ability to have nominees. It is good that IVN carried this piece, because in the past IVN has been supportive of eliminating party nominees.

Removal of Texas Straight-Ticket Device Seems to Have Helped Libertarian Vote Percentages

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In 2020, the Texas ballots didn’t have a straight-ticket device, the first time ever since the 1950’s. Removing the device effective 2020 seems to have helped increase the percentage of the vote for lower-ticket Libertarian candidates.

In 2018, in the U.S. House districts in which there was a Republican, a Democrat, and a Libertarian, the Libertarian U.S. House candidates polled 1.66% of the vote. In 2020, in Texas U.S. House districts with a Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian, the Libertarians polled 2.43%.

In statewide judicial partisan races with all three parties in the race, in 2020, the three Libertarians polled 2.52%, 2.34%, and 2.51%. In 2018, there was only one judicial race with three parties, and the Libertarian in that race polled 2.28%.

Independent Party of West Virginia Asks Secretary of State to Recognize that it is Now Ballot-Qualified

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West Virginia defines a qualified party to be a group that got at least 1% for Governor. Last month, the Independent Party of West Virginia, a new group, tried to get Marshall Wilson on the ballot as a candidate for Governor. Although his petition failed, due mostly to the health crisis, Wilson campaigned as a write-in candidate, and received a number of votes in excess of 1%. The party has asked the Secretary of State to recognize it. The state has not responded yet.