Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tentative National Totals for Each Party for U.S. House

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Here are the national totals for each party, for U.S. House in 2020. These figures are not entirely final. There are no results yet for the New York 22nd district, and the Pennsylvania figures are not complete. Also there may well be errors, which will be double-checked soon.  These totals do not include Delegate to the U.S. House from D.C.

Democratic:  76,972,291

Republican 72,469,158

Libertarian 1,093,908

Working Families 379,056

Conservative of NY 288,586

Green 90,110

Constitution 82,567

Legal Marijuana Now 80,440

Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis 79,674

Independence of NY 43,944

Working Class 36,115

Unity 23,401

Independent of Louisiana 18,522

Independent of Connecticut 16,738

United Utah 15,077

SAM 8,841

Independent of Delaware 6,682

Aloha Aina 6,444

Communist 3,432

Populist 2,431

Approval Voting 1,441

American Shopping 661

American Solidarity 75

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