Saturday, December 19, 2020

Presidential Vote Tallies for Candidates Who Got at Least 20,000 Votes

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The election returns are almost final. The main gap are the Pennsylvania totals, and the write-in totals in several states. So far, among the presidential candidates who polled at least 20,000 votes, the totals are:

Joseph Biden, Democratic and Working Families, 81,268,867

Donald Trump, Republican and Conservative, 74,216,747

Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian, 1,865,720

Howie Hawkins, Green, 404,952

Rocky De La Fuente, Alliance, 88,234

Gloria La Riva, Socialism & Liberation, 85,616

Kanye West, independent, 70,298

Don Blankenship, Constitution, 60,148

Brock Pierce, independent, 49,700

Brian Carroll, American Solidarity, 39,188

The Wikipedia article on the election lists the vote by state for the top four candidates, but as of December 18 it does not include the Hawkins write-in vote total from Georgia.

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