Saturday, December 5, 2020

Life & Liberty Party 2020 In Review

    Despite minimal resources, in the midst of a global pandemic, and accompanied by unprecedented financial, social and political upheavals; our initial foray into electoral politics has yielded some encouraging results for the Life & Liberty Party and affiliated candidates in 2020.  This year, we had L&LP affiliated candidates on the ballot in Arkansas, Idaho and Colorado.  We submit the following evidence of our achievements in 2020.
Our Myers/Lusk presidential ticket appeared on the Arkansas ballot under the Life and Liberty Party label and received 1,372 votes or .11%.  Despite daunting obstacles, the ticket performed well.  Out of 1,212 presidential candidates who filed with the FEC in 2020, the Myers/Lusk ticket ranked 22nd overall nationally.

Our affiliated U.S. Senate candidate in Idaho (IDCP), Ray Writz, received 10,188 votes or 1.19%.  

Our affiliated U.S. House candidate in Idaho District #2 (IDCP), Pro-Life (formerly known as Marvin Richardson), received 8,573 votes or 2.19%.  

In Colorado, our affiliated candidate, James K. Treibert (COUP) received 57,387 votes or 29.09% for Adams County Board of Commissioners, District 2. 

Also in Arkansas, our affiliated candidate, "Thorium" Glen Schwartz received 1,653 votes in his nonpartisan race for Little Rock City Director position #9.

Our total affiliated candidates votes in these three states were at least 79,173.  We have made our political presence known.  We have thousands of new supporters across the country.  We are now moving forward to build up our state affiliates in preparation for 2021 and beyond. 

Our Alaska affiliate, the Alaska Constitution Party, continues to gain ground, and as of 12/03/20, now has 636 registered Alaskan voters.

Several of our signature issues have gained more awareness, with some now catapulted to the forefront of American consciousness:  Universal Debt Jubilee, Vote Integrity, and Ending Cannabis Prohibition, the War on Drugs, the Educational/Criminal Justice/Military/Industrial Complex pipeline, militarization of the police and the criminalization of our populace are all now being seriously considered.  

Moving forward, we will continue to insist upon accountable servant leadership in government; free, equal and fair elections; constitutionally based civil governance, due process and the rule of law.  We will continue to insist that power is decentralized to the people, localities and states.      

We will continue to insist upon election integrity!  Healthy elections begin and end with healthy campaigns.  Proper voter registration, ballot access liberalization, balloting, vote counting, permanent records, ethical campaign finance reform, unbiased coverage and debate inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates are essential. 

2020 saw the emergence of the Life & Liberty Party as a new political alternative.  Congratulations to all who helped!  Together, we will continue to promote the ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for All!  


  1. Third parties need to focus on election reforms if they're serious about eventually competing with the major parties. Ranked choice voting can reduce the "spoiler" stigma. The Green Party has realized this. Others should do likewise.

  2. The Debt Jubilee is a Pat Robertson 88' campaign plank. Most people don't know what a "Jubilee" is. They'll think the Life & Liberty Party wants to establish a theocracy. As for the other L&LP issues, these are long-standing positions within the Libertarian Party.