Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Connecticut Independent Party Showed Greater Independence from Republican Party Than It had in 2018

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In 2020, the Independent Party of Connecticut had 122 nominees for state and federal office. Sixteen of them were not nominees of the Democratic or Republican Parties. Among the 106 nominees who were nominees of one of the major parties, 87 were Republicans and 19 were Democrats.

Although that shows a strong preference for Republicans, it was still quite different from 2018 and earlier years, when almost all the Independent Party nominees were also Republican nominees. In 2018, the party only had five nominees who were not also major party nominees. Among the 121 nominees who were also major party nominees, 116 were Republicans and only five were Democrats.

The Independent Party is ballot-qualified for all the statewide offices except President, and is ballot-qualified for most of the district offices. If it had been ballot-qualified for president in 2020, it would have placed Rocky De La Fuente on the ballot, because the Independent Party is affiliated with the Alliance Party, and the Alliance Party had nominated De La Fuente.

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