Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Wyoming Newspaper Story About Marshall Burt, New Libertarian Legislator

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The Casper Star-Tribune has this article about Marshall A. Burt, the newly-elected Libertarian state representative from Wyoming’s 39th district. Burt was in a two-person race with a Democratic incumbent, Stan Blake. The 39th district is centered on Green River, a Wyoming city that had historically been a Democratic Party stronghold, but which is now overwhelmingly Republican. Yet, the Republicans didn’t run anyone in this race.

The story says the last Libertarian state legislative win was in 2002. This is not correct. The 2002 reference is to Neil Randall of Vermont, who had been elected as a Libertarian/Republican fusion candidate in 1998. After the 1998 election, Randall left the Libertarian Party. He did get re-elected in 2000 and 2002 but he was on the Vermont ballot only as a Republican. He left the Libertarian Party because he opposed same-sex marriage and the Libertarian Party supported legalizing same-sex marriage at the time and currently.

Thanks to Gene Berkman for the link.

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