Monday, November 2, 2020

New York Releases First Registration Data Since February 2020

Ballot Access News

On November 2, the New York State Board of Elections released the first registration data since February 2020. New York had been the only state that had not released any registration data for any point in the last four months. Here is the link. Be careful to distinguish the active voters from the inactive voters.

The new percentages are: Democratic 50.06%; Republican 22.20%; Independence 3.51%; Conservative 1.22%; Working Families .33%; Green .20%; Libertarian .16%; SAM .01%; Womens Equality plus Reform .06%; independent and miscellaneous 22.25%. These are the active voters.

The February percentages had been: Democratic 50.43%; Republican 22.32%; Independence 3.70%; Conservative 1.26%; Working Families .34%; Green .21%; Libertarian .12%; Womens Equality .06%; Reform .02%; SAM .003%; independent and miscellaneous 21.55%.

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