Tuesday, November 10, 2020

New Mexico Now Has Only Three Qualified Parties

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New Mexico now has only three qualified parties, Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian. The Green Party and the Constitution Party needed to poll one-half of 1% for president. Unofficial returns show that 4,586 votes were needed. The Green Party received 4,373, which was 213 votes too few.

It is not too surprising that the Constitution Party didn’t poll one-half of 1%, because it has never met that vote test in New Mexico.

The Better for America Party could have kept its qualified status if it had run just one candidate for any partisan office, but it did not, so it is also off the ballot. The law says a party that abstains from running for President may keep its qualified status. But there is another law, which removes parties if they have not run anyone for any partisan office in either of the last two elections, and Better for America failed this test. The Better for America Party had qualified in 2016 and had run Evan McMullin for president.

The Libertarian Party kept its qualified major party status by polling 7% of the vote for a statewide judicial race. It needed a number of votes equal to 5% of the presidential vote, and it met that requirement.

The Green Party and the Constitution Party can regain their qualified minor party status if they submit a petition signed by one-half of 1% of the 2018 gubernatorial vote, which is 3,483 signatures.

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