Sunday, November 15, 2020

Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian presidential candidate, says 2020 is a 'wake-up call'

by Zoe Nicholson, Greenville News

Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen spent Tuesday night at her election watch party in Dallas, Texas. By Thursday, she was back on Clemson University's campus to teach her in-person class.

In addition to being the first female Libertarian nominee for president, Jorgensen, 63, is a psychology lecturer who has juggled teaching with running a campaign since her nomination this summer.

Pulling votes from Biden, Trump

And while the White House is impossible for the third-party candidate — she's on pace to get 1.1% of the national vote, according to the latest results — Jorgensen and the Libertarians pulled thousands of crucial votes away from Democrat and Republican candidates in several battleground states.

The Greenville resident spoke to The News on Wednesday just minutes after Wisconsin had been called for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by the Associated Press...

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