Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Donald Rainwater Brings Gubernatorial Campaign To Bloomington


(BLOOMINGTON) – Donald Rainwater, Libertarian candidate for Indiana Governor, and Lieutenant Governor candidate William Henry made a campaign stop in Bloomington Saturday morning in addition to stops in Columbus and Terre Haute.

In his whistle stop tour of Indiana he also visited Lafayette, Valparaiso, and Elkhart on Sunday.

Rainwater emphasizes his plans to reduce tax burdens on Hoosiers by eliminating the state individual income tax and personal property tax on their primary residence.

“The individual income tax makes up over 40 percent of the state’s budget. Contrary to what they have been telling people I am not for cutting essential services such as police officers, firefighters, or education,” said Rainwater. “But we can find other ways to replace it with such as a 7 percent sales tax.”..

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