Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Constitution Party is Now Ballot-Qualified in Ten States

Ballot Access News

The Constitution Party is now on the ballot in ten* states: Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin. However the Oregon Constitution Party does not consider itself affiliated with the national party. Oregon permits qualified parties to change their names, but the Oregon Constitution Party is content with its current name. The Idaho Constitution Party also doesn’t consider itself affiliated with the national party, but it did put the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee on the ballot in 2020. Idaho is another state that lets qualified parties change their names, but the Idaho Constitution Party seems content with its name.

At the end of 2016, the Constitution Party was on the ballot in thirteen states, counting Idaho and Oregon.

*Title and article edited to reflect honesty and accuracy in report.  


Floyd Whitley said...

RE: CP-Idaho being "content" with its name.

National CP's been hating on us for years. Guess they found something new to hate on.

Justice Apash said...

I am now more of a moderate Republican (Jon Huntsman with Ron Paul leanings on foreign policy and the war on drugs as well as liberal views on healthcare), however my first presidential ballot I cast was for Chuck Baldwin in 2008. I was 20 years so that was my first presidential election I was eligible for. If the CP ever regains ballot access in my state I might consider voting for the nominee in 2024 if they choose someone like Darrell Castle and if the Republicans choose an unrestrained man like Trump or a neo-con like Jeb Bush. I don't like to see the CP go down the tubes like they did in this election. This was the 2nd worse performance for the presidency in terms of number of votes and is the worse when talking about percentage of votes (especially when adjusting for population growth and the subsequent increase in voting population). When warned about the number of disgruntled state affiliates, a certain CP Missouri member (who regularly comments here) dismissed those affiliates as either lacking ballot access or only having a few members. This ignored the fact that some of these affiliates had ballot access in the past and could have worked towards gaining it this election in addition to getting write-in access. In Texas and California, the campaign could have gained write-in access if they had a slate for the electoral college (that means they couldn't find 38 people in Texas or 55 people in California to support them). Now here is some silver lining: I want to give hope that the CP leadership learns from this election. First, Jim Clymer will again be chairman. I haven't met him personally ,but from what I heard he has the ability to rebuild the party and bring back disgruntled affiliates (although maybe not Idaho or Oregon). Second, some of the state affiliates like CP of NM which choose a different candidate didn't join the Life and Liberty Party. I originally had thought that the Life and Liberty Party would gain at least a few of the state parties. Those affiliates could be convinced to rejoin. Third, many of the former CP members who joined the Trump campaign might come back to the CP now. I don't believe Trump will run in 2024. We will have to see what happens between now and 2024.