Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Nation Asks Readers to Vote for Joe Biden in New York on the Working Families Party Line

Ballot Access News

The Nation here editorializes that its New York readers ought to vote for Joe Biden on the Working Families line, not the Democratic line, so as to enhance the WFP’s ability to remain ballot-qualified. In April 2020 the New York legislature sharply increased the vote test for a party to remain ballot-qualified. Parties need 2% in the presidential race, or 130,000 votes, whichever is more, in order to remain on the ballot. It is virtually certain that 2% of the 2020 New York presidential vote will be greater than 2%, so realistically, the 2% mark is the meaningful requirement.

In 2016, the WFP presidential vote in New York was 1.83%.

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