Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New Idaho Registration Data

Ballot Access News

As of September 3, 2020, the Idaho registration in each party is: Republican 515,310; Democratic 137,730; Libertarian 9,714; Constitution 3,480; independent and other 308,307.

The percentages are: Republican 52.88%; Democratic 14.13%; Libertarian 1.00%; Constitution .36%; independent and other 31.64%.

In June 2020, the percentages were: Republican 53.75; Democratic 14.05%; Libertarian .90%; Constitution .36; independent and other 30.94%.

This information is not yet on the Secretary of State’s website, because the office is revising the format of the website, but it will be posted in November, along with the October data.


Floyd Whitley said...

Idaho Secretary of State's Elections Division has had "issues" under Mr. Denney. A website redesign is alleged to be the reason for a +four month gap in monthly voter registration data.

Winger's numbers are not presently available to Idaho voters off the ID SoS website. As he notes, current registration totals will only be reported in December, after the November general election. We'll let that questionable delivery of data go without comment.

Still, if Winger's numbers are correct (and they usually are), CP-Idaho achieved yet another record high voter registration, with 3,480 statewide...and this despite the efforts of boorish national CP sycophants who incessantly attempt to color CP-Idaho as being a "failing" state party. Do tell.

Floyd Whitley said...

PS. According to the recent KUTV interview of Blankenship:

“It's not just an uphill battle; it's not possible for Blankenship to get the required 270 electoral college votes needed to win.”

"Not possible". Hmmm.

The national CP certainly has an odd definition of “success”.

Cody Quirk said...

Imo, their definition is quite delusional in it's logic.

Floyd Whitley said...

From the discussion on write-ins and access states found in The Green Papers, over on Winger's site:

RE: Don Blankenship (as candidate for: American Constitution, Constitution, Independent, Independent American, U.S. Taxpayers, Write-in).

He is printed on the ballot in 18 states (166 total electoral votes)

He is a write-in in 4 states (70 potential albeit it very hypothetical electoral votes)

Thus, Blankenship and the "juggernaut" of the national CP have managed to assemble in theory a shot at 236 total electoral votes. And this is being very generous (almost promiscuous) in consideration of the write-in ballot. Write-ins are typically considered as "scatter". Or, the national CP's case.

Floyd Whitley said...

I should also point out that CP-Idaho's friend, Dr. Dan Cummings, appears as a write for the American Constitution Party in Arizona.

So, Cummings (not Blankenship) has access there to a potential 11 electoral votes.

My understanding was that national CP leaned on Cummings to withdraw as write in in favor of Blankenship, and neither he nor Arizona agreed.

Anyhow, that does not exactly exude all grades of exuberance for the national CP ticket, rational or otherwise.

Floyd Whitley said...

Incidentally, Sheila Tittle (as candidate for Unaffiliated Constitution, and write-in). In her case, she is printed to the ballot in one state (presumably New Mexico) and is a write-in in another (presumably Virginia).

Tittle therefore has a theoretical shot at 8 electoral votes.

Why the national CP is still claiming "access" in New Mexico is, well, less than candid.

Floyd Whitley said...

The other thing that's less than candid: The Green Papers lists Blankenship's ballot (printed and write-in). In that list, Mississippi is not found.

Yet the national CP claim via their website that Mississippi has access for them. But, I quibble.

Printed (whether as national CP or independent or whatever), the gentleman Mr. Blankenship is reported by The Green Papers to have: Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin.

A quick count on this suggests a total of 14 states printed...not 18.

As for write-ins, The Green Papers lists Blankenship in: Georgia, Illinois, New York, West Virginia. The write-in total (at 4) corresponds. The printed ballot list does not.

So, whut up wid dat?

Floyd Whitley said...

So...either The Green Papers' presidential candidates list needs correction, or, the national CP website does. And probably, both do.

Green Papers lists 18 printed states and 4 write-ins for Blankenship.

National CP claim 21 printed states and 9 write-ins for Blankenship.

That's quite a discrepancy. Of course, as all who have ever dealt with them now too well, the national CP claims are suspect outright...wholesale counterfeit...whether by commission or by omission. And thus, the benefit of doubt is probably best vested with The Green Papers in this.

(Not to be flippant, but I'm simply wondering when the national CP will try to list "access" in San Marino, Andorra, Lichtenstein, Nauru and Tuvalu...and perhaps that's where the error originates.) Apparently they're genetically linked to the male kori bustard in their attempts to impress--semblance over substance, indelicately put.