Monday, October 12, 2020

Kansas Libertarian Party is First Third Party to Have Registration Above 1% Since Before Beginning of Mandatory Voter Registration

Ballot Access News

As of October 12, here are the number of registered voters in each of the three qualified parties of Kansas: Republican 865,387; Democratic 509,048; Libertarian 20,353; independent and miscellaneous 524,195.

The percentages are: Republican 45.10%; Democratic 26.53%; Libertarian 1.06%; independent and miscellaneous 27.32%.

In February 2020, the percentages were: Republican 43.78%; Democratic 24.85%; Libertarian .99%; independent and miscellaneous 30.38%.

This is the first time that any party other than the Republican or Democratic Parties has had registration above 1% of the total since 1973, when all parts of Kansas first required voter registration. Before 1973, each county decided for itself whether to require voter registration or not. Thus before 1973 there are no official, complete registration tallies for the entire state.

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