Sunday, October 18, 2020

Dr. Jo Jorgensen aims to be first woman, Libertarian in White House

by Christopher Strum, ABCNTV

In less than two weeks voters will begin heading to the polls for the general election, but there’s another choice besides Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

They might be seen as the underdogs of this election as President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are in the spotlight, but that hasn't stopped Jo Jorgensen and and her Vice President, Spike Cohen from doing everything they can to grab the attention of voters.

"Hearing their frustration with often not having ever known that there was a viable alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, many people thought there was no one that they could vote for and seeing their frustration with having it take so long to find out that there was another option, I realized there was a need for the Libertarian party to put forward candidates for President, Vice President and really up and down the ballot," Cohen said...

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