Thursday, October 8, 2020


by Tony Katz, 93.1FM WIBC

Donald Rainwater, the Libertarian Candidate for Indiana Governor, has put forth a political platform that promises voters he will work to reduce the size and overreach of our increasingly liberal state government.

Working with the Indiana General Assembly, Rainwater promises to do three things:

  • Reduce your overall tax burden by eliminating the state individual income tax and the personal property tax on your primary residence,
  • Pass Constitutional Carry in Indiana
  • Reform our criminal justice system and invigorate our economy through decriminalization and legalization of all forms of cannabis in Indiana.

Rainwater spoke with WIBC host Tony Katz Wednesday morning about his campaign.

Constitutional Liberty

Rainwater: “Government is supposed to secure our individual rights and allow us as citizens to make our own choices as to how we live out our destiny. And in order to do that, we have to reduce the size and scope of Government. I believe that we as citizens should choose how we live our lives. So as Governor, it will be my goal to secure the rights of Indiana citizens, put more money back in your pocket, and reduce the size and scope of state government.”...

To read more and listen to interview in full, click here.

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