Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Amy McGrath, Brad Barron criticize Mitch McConnell at debate he skipped

by Morgan Watkins, Louisville Courier Journal

Democrat Amy McGrath and Libertarian Brad Barron each made their case for why Kentuckians should jettison Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Nov. 3 and elect them instead during a televised debate Monday night — an event Kentucky's longtime senator skipped.

The debate, which was arranged and broadcast by KET, represented a significant opportunity for Barron to present himself and his views to voters who haven't cast their ballots yet in an intense election dominated by the major-party candidates, McGrath and McConnell.


Barron, who has a farm with his wife in Warren County, pitched himself as the anti-establishment candidate, stressed government should protect the rights of the individual and emphasized his support for deregulation.

"I think the private sector handles everything better than the public sector," he said. "I’m about removing barriers."..

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