Monday, September 14, 2020

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tells Election Officials Not to Print Ballots Until Green Party Ballot Access Case is Resolved

Ballot Access News

On September 14, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order in the Green Party ballot access case, which is called In Re Nomination Paper of Elizabeth Faye Scroggin, 55 MAP 2020. It says, “The Secretary of the Commonwealth is directed not to certify the final general election ballot pending further order of this Court.”

The Green Party statewide Pennsylvania statewide petition had enough valid signatures, and the party’s non-presidential nominees for statewide state office are on the ballot. The lawsuit is over whether Howie Hawkins should be on the ballot as a presidential candidate. The state had put him on, but the challengers say the paperwork concerning the stand-in is not acceptable. The Commonwealth Court had put Hawkins on the ballot.

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