Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Keeps Howie Hawkins on the Ballot

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On September 9, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge J. Andrew Crompton issued an opinion in In Re Nomination Paper of Scroggin, 460 M.D. 2020. The opinion rejects the challenge against Howie Hawkins being on the ballot for President. However, it accepts the challenge to his vice-presidential running mate, Angela Walker.

The basis for the objection had been that the stand-in presidential and vice-presidential candidates had not submitted proper declarations of candidacy. But it turns out the stand-in presidential candidate did submit a declaration of candidacy, although the vice-presidential stand-in did not. The objectors had argued the candidacy statement for the presidential stand-in was flawed, but the judge felt it was sufficient.

The decision also says there is nothing improper about Hawkins being on the ballot for president, even though he will be paired with a blank for vice-president. The decision points out the true candidates are the candidates for presidential elector, and Hawkins has a valid set of candidates for presidential elector, so the ballot with list Hawkins for president and no one for vice-president. Here is the 15-page opinion. Thanks to Larry Otter for the link.

Hawkins will be on the ballot in the seven most populous states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio. The most populous state in which he is not on the ballot is Georgia. Here is a news story.

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