Friday, September 18, 2020

Oregon Republican U.S. Senate Nominee Tries to Persuade State Court to Remove Almost All Libertarians from Ballot, but Fails to Gain Injunctive Relief

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On September 10, Joe Rae Perkins, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Oregon, filed a lawsuit in state court to remove almost all the Libertarian Party nominees from the ballot, including Jo Jorgensen. However, on September 15, a Marion County Circuit Judge declined to issue an injunction. Perkins v Clarno, Circuit Court, Marion County, 20CV-31103.

Perkins argues that the Libertarian Party of Oregon is operating under its 2011 bylaws, and she argues those bylaws are not in force. She wants the 2009 bylaws recognized.

This year, the Oregon Libertarian Party held a private primary at its own expense, postally mailing all 19,000 registered Libertarians a ballot, and using the results to determine the identity of the party’s nominees for Congress, partisan state office, and partisan local office. See this story.

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