Monday, September 7, 2020

Louisiana Green Party, a Qualified Party, is Late with Presidential Electors, so Howie Hawkins Not Likely to Appear on Ballot

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The Louisiana Green Party, which is ballot-qualified, was late with its list of presidential elector candidates, so Howie Hawkins is likely not on the Louisiana ballot.

At least eight times in history, the Democratic or the Republican Party was late with its list of presidential electors, or with its certification of whom the electors will vote for, but election officials always excused those two parties. Documentation exists that the major parties were late in these instances: (1) Democratic, Iowa, 1964; (2) Democratic and Republican, Indiana, 1988; (3) Democratic, Ohio, 1996; (4) Democratic, Montana, 1996; Florida, Republican, 2004; Democratic and Republican, Texas, 2008.

In 2016 the Arizona Green Party was late with its presidential electors, and the Secretary of State refused to accept them. The party sued in federal court and won the case. Arizona Green Party v Reagan, cv-16-2027. However it is not likely the Green Party has time to sue Louisiana this year.

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