Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Libertarian candidate for governor wants to eliminate state income tax

by Ken De La Bastide, The Herald Bulletin

WESTFIELD — Donald Rainwater, the Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Indiana, told party members gathered Sunday at Grand Park what they wanted to hear.

“In the present crisis, government is not the solution,” he said at a rally for presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen. “Government is the problem.”

Rainwater said there are multiple crises in Indiana including health care, the economy and education.

“The people’s voice should be heard. It isn’t happening in Indiana,” he said. “We had one man decide what is an essential business.”

Recent polling shows Rainwater and running mate William Henry are getting the support of 24% of the people polled.

“There was no engagement with the legislature over the past six months,” Rainwater said. “We need self-rule. We have to get the state of Indiana to stop treating us as subjects.”..

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