Friday, September 25, 2020

Legal Marijuana Now Party Nominee for U.S. House Dies, so Minnesota Can’t Fill That Seat Until February 9, 2021

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Adam Charles Weeks, the Legal Marijuana Now Party nominee for U.S. House in Minnesota’s 2nd district, died recently. Under a unique Minnesota law passed in 2013, the death of the nominee of a qualified party in a partisan race closer than 79 days before an election means the seat can’t be filled until the following February. See this story. Although voters will see the race on their November ballots, the votes in that race will not be counted. The election will be February 9.

The U.S. House 2nd District of Minnesota is one of the most competitive districts in the nation. The Republican nominee won the seat in 2016 by about 7,000 votes, but the Democratic nominee won the seat in 2018 by about 17,000 votes. Thanks to Tony Roza for the link.

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