Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fox News: 'Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen on voting third party and why America should be more like Switzerland'

by Samuel Chamberlain, Fox News

Jo Jorgensen would like America to be "one giant Switzerland," the Libertarian Party's nominee for president told the "Fox News Rundown" podcast Tuesday.

"Switzerland is armed and neutral," Jorgensen explained to host Dave Anthony. "They're not pacifists. They're not isolationists. They are a banking center. They accept tourism. People go in and out freely and they trade with other people. That's what I want the United States to look like.

"However," the 63-year-old went on, "Switzerland doesn't get its nose in everybody else's business and they try not to be ... the world's policeman. So I would get out there and I would say that we need to treat the world as our neighbors, not our combatants. And we need to bring the troops home."

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