Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Bring troops home, sell federal lands: Jo Jorgensen pitches Libertarianism on presidential campaign stop in Ketchikan

by Eric Stone,

The Libertarian Party’s candidate for U.S. President wrapped up a four-city tour of Alaska Tuesday in Juneau. Along the way, Clemson University psychology lecturer Jo Jorgensen stopped by Ketchikan to advocate for smaller government.

The Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee pitched her party’s ideals to voters and business owners in Ketchikan this Labor Day.

In a town hall at Ketchikan’s American Legion post, resident Alan Rockwood asked how she’d approach federal land: national forests, parks, preserves and the like.

“If you look at western states, the federal government has a big hand in the land ownership throughout the west,” Rockwood said. “What are you gonna do about that? How are you going to manage that land base?”

“Sell it,” Jorgensen replied...

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