Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Arizona Supreme Court Keeps Kanye West Off Ballot Because His Presidential Elector Candidates Didn’t File a Statement of Interest

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On September 8, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a two-page order in West v Clayton. It says Kanye West can’t be on the ballot as an independent presidential candidate because his elector candidates didn’t file a statement of economic interest, per ARS 16-341(I). It says it will explain further later.

It is somewhat a relief that the court did not say West should be barred from the ballot because he is a registered Republican in his home state. No presidential candidate in history has ever been kept off any ballot on the basis of how he or she is registered, and if the Court had cited that as a reason for keeping him off, it would have violated precedent in Arizona and all other states. Thanks to Rick Hasen for this news.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s website, which has instructions for presidential candidates, had never said that presidential elector candidates must file a statement of economic interest, and chances are no candidate for presidential elector in Arizona has ever before filed such a statement.

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