Sunday, September 13, 2020

All the Alternative Minnesota Congressional Candidates are from One of the Two Marijuana Parties

Ballot Access News

All of the nominees for either branch of Congress in Minnesota this year, other than the Democratic and Republican nominees, are nominees of one of the two marijuana parties. The Legal Marijuana Now Party has a nominee for U.S. Senate and for three of the eight U.S. House races. The Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis also has a nominee for U.S. Senate, and for four of the eight U.S. House races.

Six of the eight U.S. House races with have a nominee from one of the marijuana parties.

Both of the marijuana parties are qualified, and thus their candidates did not need to collect any signatures. By contrast, all independents, and the nominees of any other parties, would have needed 2,000 signatures for U.S. Senate and 1,000 for U.S. House. No such petitions were completed.

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