Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Alaska Green Party Nominates Jesse Ventura for President

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On September 1, the Alaska Green Party nominated Jesse Ventura for President and Cynthia McKinney for Vice-President. The Green Party is not ballot-qualified generally in Alaska, but earlier this year it completed the petition to give it “limited Political Party” status. A “limited political party” in Alaska is ballot-qualified for president, but nothing else. Thanks to Tim San Souci for this news. See this story.

Ventura did not ask for this nomination, but he did indicate some interest earlier this year in being the presidential nominee of the Green Party, and he received a handful of votes at the party’s July 2020 convention, even though he had not been placed in nomination.


James W. Clifton said...

They couldn't have nominated two nuttier people.

NewFederalist said...

Sure they could have... Mr. Peanut and Rocky the Flying Squirrel!