Friday, August 21, 2020

Wisconsin Elections Commission Removes Howie Hawkins and Kanye West from Ballot

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On August 20, the Wisconsin Election Commission removed Howie Hawkins and Kanye West from the November ballot. Hawkins’ petition was rejected because some of the signatures were collected on forms giving the old address of the vice-presidential nominee, and some on forms giving her new address. Kanye West was rejected because his petition was submitted past 5:00 pm on the filing deadline.

Hawkins will sue. In 2004 the Wisconsin Supreme Court put Ralph Nader on the ballot even though he did not have a presidential elector candidate in every U.S. House district. The Wisconsin Supreme Court said that requirement is “directory” in nature, meaning if the elector residency requirement is not met, that is not fatal to the petition. State ex rel Nader v Circuit Court for Dane County, decision of Sep. 30, 2004, 04-2559-W.

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Justice Apash said...

In a link provided by a previous Ballot Access story says that the building was locked and by the time the building was opened it was 5:01 pm. This is alarming because they are denying ballot access on a technicality. A similar situation several years ago happened when a third party petition was denied because of a missed deadline because the office was closed because of a hurricane. Regardless of whether you support Kanye West this is the wrong action and the state should be sued.