Thursday, August 6, 2020

U.S. District Court Denies Injunctive Relief to Don Blankenship in California Ballot Access Case

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On August 3, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Seeborg declined to give injunctive relief to the Constitution Party presidential nominee, Don Blankenship, in California. Blankenship v Newsom, n.d., 1:20cv-4479. The law required independent presidential candidates to submit 196,964 signatures. The signatures could only be gathered from mid-April through early August, which is entirely within the time affected by the health crisis.

The order says Blankenship could have tried to qualify his party, because a party gets on the ballot by registering approximately 63,000 registered members, and anyone can register to vote, or change party registration, by going on-line. This ignores the fact that in order to motivate people to change their registration, it is in practice necessary for volunteers or paid workers to go out in public and persuade people to fill out a voter registration form showing party membership in the new party. The decision also faults Blankenship for not trying to petition, but he was not nominated for president until May 2. Here is the eleven-page order.

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