Monday, August 10, 2020

Thirteen Presidential Candidates Qualify for Colorado Ballot by Paying $1,000

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The Colorado Secretary of State website now lists candidates for the general election, including presidential candidates. The deadline for candidates of unqualified parties to get on the ballot has passed, and thirteen candidates qualified by paying $1,000.

In addition, Colorado has seven qualified parties, and their presidential nominees will be on the ballot with no filing fee. Not all of them are on the website yet.

The seven qualified parties are: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Unity, and Approval Voting.

The candidates who qualified by paying the fee, in alphabetical order, are: Brian Carroll (American Solidarity), Mark Charles (independent), Phil Collins (Prohibition), Rocky De La Fuente (Alliance), Dario Hunter (Progressive), Princess Jacob-Fambro (independent), Alyson Kennedy (Socialist Workers), Joseph Kishore (Socialist Equality), Kyle Kopitke (Independent American), Gloria La Riva (Socialism & Liberation), Joe McHugh (independent), Brock Pierce (independent), and Kanye West (independent).

The website also lists declared write-in candidates.

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